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Grey and dreary todaythe snow has virtually gone. All thats left of the children next doors snowmen are 3 carrots.

Stockton Zoomer will find the snow melting and she will be under leaden sky, no frost last night so roads are OK, give me a wave as you Zoom past.



Heavy snow again overnight. Still a few small flakes falling Cleared paths are completely covered. I guess about 2ins fell. Hope forecass are  right and there will be a thaw 


WManchester- dull & dismal. Only just below freezing last night & only just above now.

Have to go out later, but roads are clear now. J.

Bunny ...
A flurry early on but cloud now with a forecast of -8 tonight and tomorrow .


Highland Jeannie

Still no snow. (I'm sure I'll have to change the record soon!)

Sunny most of the day & 3-4c.

Our first snowdrop came out a few days ago, but the stem is barely long enough to hold the head clear of the ground!

Frank.Bunnysgarden. Decided on the train, didn't have to long a wait between connections and it was a lovely journey, seeing all the snow on the hills, made a change from driving. 

I think it might have been slightly colder here in the NW today. The snow was beginning to thaw in Stockton although someone said Washington still has it quite bad and it started to snow again over the Pennines on the return trip.   .  

We missed the very cold and heavy snow but it seems we are going to get rains again and heavy too. Back to the flooding!

Zoomer we always had our own micro climate in Stockton and the Tees bay, we would have an inch of snow and people were phoning me from Darlington and Sedgefield saying they were snowed in and when I checked they were. Eight miles up the road they would have a foot of the stuff though everything climbs away from Teesside.
I always loved the cross country train ride very picturesque.



Today we have had a steady but slight thaw, There is still more snow than green though and there may be a slight snow fall tomorrow. It was lovely to see a little bit of sun and generally a brighter light.


Gonna hit minus 7 tonight there still snow where i live but its nearly all melted in the town centre so still not brillian but im in hope of a warmer weakend. Im form Sunderland

Temps hit a balmy 8 degrees at 2pm in the sunshine.
Bunny ...
Sounds like a lovely trip zoomer. We are forecast more snow tomorrow hope they get that wrong , this stuff hasn't melted yet.

Stockton had a dull drear day, the snow is melting although still some on the lawns.
Took off up the Durham road and a mile from stockton as the road rises the fields still well covered and not giving  but much brighter.
Ended up in the supermarket and was confronted with shelves of "Easter Eggs" is it me or the world that's gone crazy.



WManchester-started the day just below freezing this morning, stayed dull until about lunchtime then the sun came out. I think it only reached about 2-3C in my back garden, but central Manchester didnt feel too bad as I was walking around this morning. Still a lot of icy pavements around our estate, but e/w all clear.

It's dropped below freezing already out there. OH's car still covered in snow from the snow earlier this week in NEast Derbyshire. J.


Bunny ...
Easter eggs were out just after Xmas day ...too early

Only reached 1-2C , so it's cold but no sign of snow, probably because I stocked up on salt for the paths for the first time this year.

The shops are still trying to sell off Christmas Chocs here.

Highland Jeannie

Still no snow yet.

Spoke to a cousin today who lives about 40 miles east in Forres & they had about 1" a few days ago, but her sister in Banchory, inland a bit from Aberdeen has had over 6" during the last few days. It's always bad there.

Saw Easter eggs & hot cross buns in Tesco's yesterday, walked past quickly before OH saw them & started going on (& on) about being far too early.....

Bunny ...
Snowing here for last couple of hours, due to be heavy later. Boooooo !!!!
Snow still hanging about and feels really cold this morning. Fed up with looking at the same four walls but am too worried about the paths to venture out.

Son has just eaten toasted Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs are already in the shops!