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Highland Jeannie

Brilliant sunshine this morning though north-facing back garden was very slippery.  Reached about 5c & clouded over late afternoon. (Still no snow yet)

Main barometer is falling, falling, oo-er...........

Bunny ...
***sends warm air north*** we have friends in beauly nr Inverness , you've done well to escape snow.
Highland Jeannie

Hi Bunny, we're about 1.5 miles north of Beauly!  We were in a flat there for about 4 years waiting for this house & I really don't envy then the soil there - it's a horrible clay. My garden there was pots, troughs & tubs in the car park. Our soil is very good, but incredibly stony - small ones to boulder size!

Bunny ...
Ohh so close , they arnt really gardeners ...probably a good thing then !
Bunny ...
Wow the beck at the front is a torrent and the snow hasn't even melted yet !!! Eeeeek


Torrential rain overnight coupled with high winds. Was worried to look out window this morning, but all is well - I think! Sun shining, as it did all day yesterday but somewhat chilly. Can you believe that January is almost over?!!

Stockton on Tees, although bright and sunny all day yesterday the snow hardly shifted and the road was like a skating rink.
Today I woke to see the garden, no snow at all it had vanished overnight. A clear sunny day again, the hills in full view with just the odd patch of snow left on them, much warmer.
The oven warming up for the Lamb, New Zealand today as there is no local lamb as yet, I will give it a blast for fifteen minutes then turn it down sticking the meat thermometer into it later to check it is cooked as it should be. Mint to go with it Cauliflower with home made cheese sauce and roasties should please them although I am sure I could get away with just Yorkshires and onion gravy.

Enjoy your day, Frank.

Bunny ...
Slushy snowy wet and windy...horrible !
Highland Jeannie

Glad it's all melting for most of you, still none here yet & 5c with beautiful bright sunshine.  The barometer is still very low though .

Last Feb/Mar was marvellous here, as I believe it was everywhere, but in April came the "lambing snow" so not unexpected, but much worse.  Mainly hill lambs here so ewes give birth much later supposedly to get better weather, but a lot of lambs died in the cold winds & snow/sleet.

Therefore when your ice & snow is just a distant memory I'll be on here reporting wintry conditions in the north!!


Bunny ...
Oh yes that late snow , the plants had all started sprouting things and got a shock with that weather . It's nice to see some greenery again , we only had snow a couple of days here but that was a couple of days too much.

I look forward to seeing lambs again, snowdrops , daffodils ...ohhhhhh come on garden get growing !!!
Warm, sunny,dry. Daffodils, primroses, etc etc all think it's spring. It's been so wet for so long down here though. Luckily I'm on free draining land and I'm eager to sow veg seed ASAP.

WManchester- Heavy rain overnight. Awoke to no snow except a small heap where a neighbour had cleared his drive. Our drive all clear- am glad I didnt waste my limited energy clearing it yesterday.

We've had sunshine & a couple of stiff showers. Blustery wind. Washing almost dry & already ironed. Need to tie up a small evergreen that got squashed open by the snow.

Birds on/off feeders most of the day. J.


Woke up this morning to find the snow and ice that had been covering everywhere in Leicestershire for a fortnight all gone!  Had a wander around the garden and can finally see lots of bulb shoots appearing - they've obviously been growing under the snow.  Everywhere is saturated after a night of rain of course, but at least the weed roots come out easily, so did some removal of the creeping field buttercup which plagues my garden, before it has a chance to smother the ground.  One lot of manure bought 20 years ago must have been infested with seeds of that damn stuff as I've never used manure since!


Daffodils, to look forward to. 2012, which was poor for daffodils as spring here was very dry. Hopeful for 2013.


Rain in the night which has cleared all the snow. At times windy but on the whole a pleasant day. It was nice to get out into the garden, first time in weeks.

Planted up some more garlic into modules, the lot planted in October hasn't even developed roots so thought I'd try again before the last frost, started this lot indoors and they've thick roots with shoots coming through.

Always been lucky with manure, no seeds in it. I've Lots of bulbs coming through, the labels have blown away though  but me thinks crocus, dafs and tulips are coming up along with blue bells in front garden.  

Belis, Sweet William and foxglove, planted out last year have all survived the snow. Really pleased with the foxgloves, unless something disastrous happens they should put on a good show later in the year, fingers crossed. Some stuff has died in the GH, there's cornflower and sweet pea doing well. For-get-me-nots not looking good though, bring on Spring.   

Glad I read your post zoomer. Want to grow cornflowers too so will get seed tomorrow. It's been so warm and sunny today that I'm itching to sow seeds now but it's still January and a lot of winter still to come.

Verdun. I've found most flowers sown here in the NW at this time of year don't usually germinate unless sown indoors and then you need to nurture them until the last of the frost before planting out which is why I started to sow hardy stuff before the on set of Winter and planted  them out in Autumn.

In the GH, Cornflower survived the Winter of 2010 but not 2011, we've had a mild winter this time, by all means try but if you aren't successful then consider sowing in Autumn next year. Cornflower can't cope with their pots being frozen.

Notts/derbyshire border. I have never seen such a fast thaw. Midnight last night 8 inches thick snow on ice, then it threw it down with rain until at 8am this morning no snow left except for small mounds where we had piled the snow high while clearing the drive every day. Amazing. It's been a lovely sunny day (first in a long time) and everything's dried out quickly. I wonder where all the water went. !!!!!

The Fens; blowy, sunny, not too nippy.