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Lovely sunny day in Marlow - took a walk along the Thames at lunchtime, the water was whipping up and the current was terrific. The wind is strong but bearable, but I've got a lesson in a DH Tiger Moth, built in 1933, coming up soon - that should be interesting if the wind is like today! Still, the sense of Spring being just around the corner is starting to cheer me up.

Having said mild this morning, we went shopping, then it was 15° after lunch and by the time I was ready to work outside it was raining. But white tips of snowdrops poking out and light and dark purple hellebores have joined the white one.

Wet and windy hre. Came across a tree snapped in half and fallen into the road. No more panels blown out of the fence though.    

Bunny ...
Calmer here and long it lasts who knows, I'd love a dry sunny warm day tomorrow

Extremely windy at the moment hoping my mini greenhouse doesnt blow away.


Bunny ...
Wild again here, fine rain , gales awful !

Stockton, a good refreshing breeze, well that is what we call it, sunshine with some cloud, not a lot, and warm.
I am tempted but know better to start some sowing, February can be very nasty up here.


Lovely blue skies in Marlow. Like Frank I'm tempted to start sowing - perhaps a row of early peas....................why not, worth a gamble!
Bunny ...
Go for it , you may bring spring early

Bunny, Dmball, I have too many years under my belt to fall for it, we quite often get a mild sunny January, not that this has been one, then "bamm" February strikes and on the North East Coast with one foot in the sea it comes straight down from Siberia complete with Polar bears and it is either heat the greenhouse or lose them. Plants need light as much as heat and though the nights are drawing out noticeably when the overcast arrives it can last for days.
I will bite my nails and wait, patience is a gardeners best freind.


Bunny ...
Haha I know frank I'm up with the border forest , it can turn from spring to mid winter overnight. I bring my seeds indoors these days, take over the house until the weather improves otherwise waiting I end up waiting til June here.

"Oh I see a Border Reaver are you" I am afraid we had ways of dealing with them down in Durham it included ants nests and honey smeared on intimate places then sending them back.
My late wife did not look kindly on her pristine window ledges being overtaken with leaking boxes of seed, it was her who told me to order the large Robinson greenhouse from the Great Yorkshire show many years ago and banished me from window ledges. In her memory I still do not bring stuff in as Daughter has now taken over the window ledges with pledge and dusters.
Our problem as you well know is frost right up to the end of May so planting early is not really an option and we still get good crops and flowers, just a bit later is all.


Highland Jeannie

Cloud & sunshine here this morning, calm & still.

Fortunately I don't think that there was anything flying round in the wind yesterday - everything seems to be where I left it!


Weather here - short sudden heavy showers, followed by bursts of sun and always the wind. I've lost count of number of times I have stood christmas tree up


Bunny ...
Haha frank yes among the debateable lands here not far from the wall either.... Although not originally you see so not a true reiver
We are currently having a nasty hail shower amongst the sunshine may be time to claim the pledge and the dusters from your daughter .... Although the greenhouse needs to be fondly used

Time to wedge the christmas tree amongst breeze blocks rosa ???

Pleased nothing has flown away highland jeannie.
I'm stay put for now, scones in the oven !

Bunny, on my way up, have the strawberry jam and cream ready.
Jeannie, when I was stationed up there the lads wore lead in their kilts to stop some of the icy draught, they also played Blue Bonnets Over the Border until I was almost tempted to shoot holes in their bag pipes, we technical boys wore trews.
The sun is still shining though it is getting a little cooler as the wind turns, it seems to be blowing in all directions at the moment.
Yes Bunny Reiver not reaver, after a few Newcastle Browns they were usually weavers.


Bunny ...
Hehe they're cheese and spring onion ones and making homemade tomato soup to go with them ...if your quick you may get some ????

Christmas tree hasn't any fully established roots yet so it blows ut of pot. It is tied to a stake but far too windy. Any one any ideas??


Bunny ...
Can you move the pot or too heavy ? Can you put something else in front protecting a little from wind .?