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Wet and windy here in south yorkshire, not stopped raining since last night. Quickly nipped into my greenhouse to check on the seeds, could not believe the temp in there 5 Celsius moved seeds into the house.

Rain kicking off again here.
Alina W

Still wet here in North Yorks, but they are promising us blazing sunshine and 16C tomorrow.

Shame it's a weekday....

We have just had about 36 hours of solid rain and strongish ne winds.

Suffolk is very soggy right now and I am conisdering building an ark. This is the wettest drought in history. We did see the mystery ball of fire this evening which was a real treat.



I can see bits of blue-sky-a dry day warm day has been promised-more rain tomorrow though



Could we start a new thread for May? I only ever get to page 10 when clicking the 'view last post', and then have to click again and scroll to get there.

Lovely morning. Now OH has pointed out all those jobs that have been piling up! Deadheading bergenias, rose pruning, planting up recent purchases, lawn......... 


East Midlands has beautiful, clear blue skies.

Pity the garden is too soggy to get onto though.

Still mustn't grumble!


Goregous day in Kent. Blues skies, singing birds and sunshine. It might even last a whole day too.

Alina W

It's actually sunny and dry - I can't quite cope with the idea.....

Still wet and breezy here in S Devon. Off to saw up guttering and play in the greenhouse.

Saturday was ok so sepnt 5 hours potting up and on but yesterday was a wash out - and very windy and cold.  W've got blue skies and sunshine in Cheshire this morning but that chill wind is still blowing.  Flippin' slugs are having a field day grrr

Shrinking Violet

Still raining - but with lighter skies, and "they" say it will dry up by this afternoon.

"They" also say that the rain will return tomorrow


Gold1locks, if you click on the green arrow underneath the time of the last post you go straight to the last page.


Ah! many thanks MuddyFork. Now why didn't I spot that.


Ah again!!! Just realised that when I get an email and click to the thread, it takes me to the first post, one page further on than the page you pointed me to, MuddyFork. I'll just have to hope the techies sort out the 'take me to the latest post' bug before too long. 


Shrinking Violet

Somerset has been particularly badly hit with flooding, according to the news programmes.  It seems that every river is on flood alert - and it is predicted to rain again tonight and tomorrow - heavily.  The dry weather atm is but a blip, it would seem.

Locally we have the May Day "Hobby Horse" in Minehead.  From dawn it (and a band of loud musicians) make their way round the town.  Whether or not they will be able to do it tomorrow is in the lap of the gods, it would seem.

Oh to be in England now that April's here . . . . .  (or May, come to that )

sue taylor3

Well the weather here in york has been glorious ,so been out in garden since 7am ,phew am tired now but got a mountain of work done ,forcast for tomorrow good too, so hope to get in another full day ,had good company 3 blackbirds and a robin following my every move ,they are so tame and lovely t see .

Good news the swifts swallows and house martins have arrived so good weather to come fingers crossed .happy gardening folks

A lovely warm day here in Lancashire. I managed a couple of hours in the garden after work. Planted up 3 bags of spuds, a wee bit late but hopefully will get a really good staggering of spuds when it come's to harvest time. Cut and edged the lawn.  Planted out the first of my sweetpea to climb up a bird table pole, they've been in pots since last October.

After providing more of a varitey of feed to the birds, they come daily. I had greenfly on my clemantis last week but the birds have taken care of them.