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Caz W

Cold and wet in Swansea at the moment - possibility of snow in the forecast

Hope Frank & Bjay are feeling a bit better today.  I'm sure some sun would help

Caz, much better thank you a drop of sun would make things right but no chance today.
Stockton cold and dull.
Girasole you will find the forkers on another thread, we are mainly sane on this thread.



Snowing again in sunderland. Still at 0 degrees but at least its not lying.

Cairnsie, Snowing in Stockton too and laying.


Highland Jeannie

Bit of snow & sleet which turned to rain by 10.30.  Dull, wet & about 3c.



starting to lie here too but only about 1cm deep so far thank god.


Below freezing first thing WManchester this morning.

Then it began to snow, quite lightly & not sticking, so went out to meet friend for coffee at GC partway towards Liverpool. 3hrs later- oops- car covered in snow, but roads fine.

It's snowed on/off all day, then sometimes hail, now it's rain, I think. Wind increasing too. I need to find coat & outdoor shoes to put the wheely bin out. J.

Snowed during the night here with a light covering on cars this morning. It was still snowing at 8am but turned to rain and has rained most of the day. 

Bunnysgarden/Highland Jeannie. Thanks for the weather forecast.Haven't booked my travel tickets yet, going Saturday and there's a fast track coach which runs during the night but the comfort of the train is inviting. Aberdeen is such a lovely, vibrant city.

Bunny ...
Raining here zoomer , washing today's snow away forecast cloud til Sunday then we have sun
I've arranged for sunny dry and warm weather from tomorrow. It's coming.....course, we yokels down here are getting it first! Looks like a few days too
Bunny ...
Dull , misty sun as yet...I do hope Verdun isn't hogging it all
Bunny ...

We may need cake today...



Dull & damp & no sign of any remaining snow. Already about 6-7C out there.

Removed an empty bird feeeder for washing out, put down more rat bait under the shed, joy!

Man now on our large flat roof at front replacing a roof tile. Please let the roof not then need extra work, nor that flat roof 'go' as normally nobody allowed onto it. J.



The sun is out at last. the house is full of bright sunshine, The snow has rapidly disappeared from the hills overnight and there are sheep up there this morning.

The ground is absolutely sodden so nothing can be done outside. One bed is under water and the soil has slipped so much a rose crown is visible above the soil level , can't even remedy that until it's drier.

Still we have sun and we have warmth - Hooray



It's me bunny. I've got it all.  It's lovely out there

Highland Jeannie

I've got it too bunny, Verdun kindly sent it, it must have skirted Carlisle .

Can you lob a cake up here please, if I catch it carefully I won't squidge the icing ; I'll send you some sunshine in return, howzat??

Bunny ...
Ok that's a deal, I shall lob 2 big slices for extra sun ..... Watch the icing now ...