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Stockton, cannot see the sky for flaming cakes whizzing about overhead, can you knock it off.

Was sunny but cold, now dull and cold, I have got rid of cold so will give it another day indoors to make sure.

PS Had to sign in again today why???

So, everyone who got sunshine I, great expense....can send me a fiver......please! 15 degrees, sun all day. Took my dog to Godrevy beach and he loved it. I will arrange for sunshine for next few days because everyone on this forum deserves it
Highland Jeannie

Sorry Verdun but I've stopped the cheque - the rain started about 2pm, & that's not the sort of service I expect for my £5.

BTW does anybody get an accurate temperature forecast at the top of the page??

Today it says zero/zero degrees & for tomorrow 0/-1.   It was 8c mid morning according to the car. I suppose it tries to cover the whole area, which further inland includes mountains currently covered in snow. Not a lot of use for the most populous area though .

Short, sharp shower earlier in the day but the sun came out and stayed all day. Was lovely not to have to wrap up when I went out.

Nothing to do with the weather, but on my travels, I got into conversation with a 92 year old, like you do, and we had an in depth discussion on make up. Decided that 'smokey' eyes weren't for us. Made my day!

much warmer here today - had about 2" of snow yesterday but woke up this morning to find it all gone, thank goodness.  There's more water lying on the roads than I've ever seen - even the main trunk roads, and more potholes than ever too.  Quite a job to avoid both when driving around today.    There's water lying in fields which are normally quite dry, and local rivers flooding too.


You can't stop the cheque Highland Jennie...I got plans for the money.

All the snows gone here in Wolves pretty mild,at the moment almost tropical compared to the tempreatures over the last week,fingers crossed its gonna last.Yeh

Bunny ...
Too late Verdun money spent
Bunny ...

Heavy mist , grey but I am hopeful
Looking promising. Feels warm. Think we had some rain last night but prob not much.
Bunny ...
Hope you are not going to hog the sun Verdun
Highland Jeannie

Sun peeping out from behind clouds - looking tentatively promising - crossedfingerssmiley.

Bunny ...

If I throw carrot cake and bakewells can you catch in exchange for sun ???

Stockton, blue sky and sunshine, a definite front along the coast cloudy out to sea.
You could try sending carrots! my Sons Horses may send you something warm in a parcel, it should keep the roses happy??



Beautful sunshine in SE. Doesn't it make you feel good!

Beautiful day, Car temp was in double figures 

The garden is calling but this virus is telling me to stay warm. 



It was well above freezing first thing this morning, a bit dull to start with, but dry. The odd glimpse of the sun & it's reached 8-9C. Looking at last yrs temperatures, there's been a lot less frost here this month so far. Last yr was cold!

Have spent a very good 4hrs doing all sorts outside, wheely bin full ready for tomorrows' collection. Now back in, showered which has helped with the muscle aches from the unaccustomed activity. J.



Like a lot of people I've had several good gardening days, with the resulting pulled muscles.

This morning was below freezing, just, but the sun arrived later on & after all my jobs out there were done, I sat out, well wrapped up & just enjoyed listening to the birds singing.

Temperature dropping to near freezing already tonight. J.