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garden gently steaming in the warm sunshine.
sue taylor3

oh well after such a lovely day yesterday its blowing a gale and rain ,oh well lots to do in the potting shed .

hope it doesnt flood at Buttercrambe or my back garden will be under water again .

Shrinking Violet

Just stopped raining   Hopefully it will last all afternoon!

sue taylor3

well rain stopped i see a little blue sky yippee 


Blue skies in Kent, ground is sopping wet ofc.


Alina W

Sue, I know Buttercrambe well - lovely village. Not too sure about the new lorry barriers on the bridge, though - they could have done something prettier.

Weather - after a lovely day yesterday, dull and overcast, and will doubtless rain soon.

In Wiltshire we have Grey skys, rain looming, cold breeze.....need I go on! Hope we manage to get a few good days soon, this weather makes everyone feel rotton!


2 days and no rain  I'm a happy bunny but it would have been nice to have some sunshine all I've got is bitter cold winds and grey sky,  I cant even do any pricking out and I'm sure that I've lost a lot of seeds due to the cold,  but I do have some strawberries forming which is a surprise.


Southampton-wet till mid-morning- sun came out- cloudless afternoon.

Dry day forecast for tomorrow.

sue taylor3

Hi alina w ,yes i agree the barriers are an eyesore ,but they do the job .

weather was reasonable this aft so got all my pots scrubed and ready for the summer bedding hanging baskets all done all hung up in the warm for another couple of weeks i hope .and potted on the geraniums next stop for them outside weather permitting .

hope weather good on thur need to get more done as i am away next week

The year started off with the land being parched
Then came the summer but it was only March
Whoa said the big wigs call a hosepipe ban
And that Good folks is when the rain began.

We were all looking forward to April showers
As every one knows they bring the flowers
The green houses are full to overflowing
What can you do with winter winds blowing.

Here comes May  cold and overcast
We are hoping to see some sun at last
Surely those hopes are not in Vain
Wishing to see the golden orb again.

And it is still cold and blowy with no sign of blue sky.


Shrinking Violet

It started off quite cold and grey, and seemed another winter's day.

But then blue skies and lots of sun gives hint that spring may just be sprung.

I don't assume so, for they say, "Enjoy the warmth just for today.

"Tomorrow there will be more rain, ere we the sun enjoy again."

Oh, well - what else can we expect in still soggy Somerset! (And I can't get my poem on single-spaced lines.  Sorry)

Shrinking Violet, try pressing "Shift and Enter together"

In Zomerset te't Zider is noted for its Glow
And many a Happy I watched ti't zider flow
Nights of song and fun or quarrel
Were quaffed from that there Zider Barrel.


Pity I missed a bit out, blame the Zider.


Right now... Devon is heaven



Grey skies all day but no rain thankfully! Warm enough if you are working in the garden, cold if you are just standing around


Could this be the second consecutive day with no rain??? Fingers crossed! Still a bit chilly with a Simpsons sky, but 20ºC forecast for later.


Wet and overcast here in Kent.

When is the sun coming to stay?

The gloom's back here as well.