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Bunny ...
-2 at the moment , hard frost at the seaside last night , the sand had frost

It's was pleasantly nice in Aberdeen this weekend, sunny and warm today but was reliably informed they can get four seasons in one day at this time of year.

Hoping to get out into the garden this week to sort out the shed and GH and do some sowing indoors 

Bunny ...
-5 this morning , white blanket but blue sky and bright sunshine
Highland Jeannie

Got your sun at last then bunny??

-5c in the shed at 8.30, just going out now (OH & his newspaper bah! )

Blue blue sky .

Thick frost but now wall to wall sunshine here in SE. Haven't ventured out as yet so looks may be deceiving.


Solid white frost and sunshine here in Stockton, a solid band of frozen water on back step so put salt on its tail.
The door just opened, the family arrived bearing gifts and more importantly lunch.


Looks very much like a lovely warm sunny day out there, then you step outside and it really doesn't feel like one.

Gorgeous blue skys, but blimey its cold........Had a full frost this morning...Brrrrrrrrrrrr


Caz W

Another lovely sunny day in Swansea and seems warmer than yesterday as there's no cold wind!  Perfect gardening weather


Another gloriously sunny day. No wind, but was well below freezing this morning & not too warm even now.

I have put some washing out, but it wont dry much. There were 4 thrushes having a right old 'barny' in the surrounding trees when I was outside. I assume 3 males & 1 female from their antics. J.


Lovely sunny day but a definate chill in the air. 

Heard the woodpecker having a good tap-tap in the sun earlier


It was an absolute cracker of a morning,  nice crisp frost and wall to wall sunshine still and fresh wonderful morning,  then by lunch time it was grey and misty also went from 7.8c down to 5.3c in the matter of an hour,  at point I thought it would snow even though that's forecast tomorrow

Bunny ...
When I walked the dog earlier there was a really strange cloud bank looking east with blue sky above, guess that's the east v west sun/cloud tomorrow then. Hoping we are far enough west to skip the cold east cloud .

Warm and sunny here, managed to get all the washing dry. Chilly this evening.

Finally got round to giving the shed a good tidy. So pleased all the pots were washed in the autumn otherwise the job would have taken three times as long. There's been a rogue mouse in there over winter, one or two things had been chewed through.




It's brightening up out there now, but was very drab this morning & cold.

Wind is increasing, so some washing out there may dry a wee bit after all. About 5-6C at the mo. J.

flowering rose

a lovely day Monday and Tues but today was cold and grey  but none the less I have been out in the garden dealing with washing my mini green house and finding my snow drops nibbled.


After a murky miserable day, now it's 4ish the sun is coming through. 


Nr Lincoln.

Not been a bad day here, bit on the dull side but no wind, so not feeling too cold. Grass has had its first slight trim and various other tidying done, things are starting to look better in the garden.



Bunny ...
Been sunny but very icy wind .