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Stockton awoke this morning to nine inches of snow and still falling, it has stopped now and is slowly melting although it looks very much like more on the way.
It is cold enough out there to freeze the wheels of your zimmer frame.


Bunny ...
Ohhh dear frank that's my share of snow taken care of then , best stay indoors !
We have escaped this side far.

No danger of being snowed in here, it stopped at about 3pm and hasn't settled.


Beautiful sunny day but nippy wind. 20 dg C
Rural Southern Spain ~ beautiful sunny day but nippy wind 20 dg C.


Highland Jeannie

About 4c here today & rather cloudy.

Took a hand fork into the back (N facing) garden & had a prod in different areas to see how frozen it was.

About a quarter of the garden is frozen hard on the surface; a half is soft for about the top inch then frozen solid below & the quarter where the sun now reaches   is lovely & soft .

PS. Still no snow (yet!......)

Reached a balmy 5c today....felt warmer though. Plants seem unaffected and still blooming far!
derrick hammer

dry day until 8pm now snowing in the west midlands / staffordshire area.


I woke up this morning to an inch of that horrid wet snow and it was still snowing,  finally stopped about 10.30 ish,  by the time I'd got back from town 1 pm it had all gone,  so glad about that,  hasn't dropped below freezing all day so that must be a plus point,  not quite sure about the weather tomorrow but could do with some good dry stuff as I got a load of plants from B+Q bit weather worn but at 10 pence a plant can't complain,  got a beautiful Black Grass looks a right stunner.

Bunny ...
Sunshine , blue sky , sprinkle of flakes over night but nothing more so far, a chilly 0 degrees.
Going to be a beautiful day. Sunny, dry getting warmer.
Bunny ...
Someone has stolen my sun and left me with cloud

Grey and cold in Dordogne this morning -5° - though friends tell me that it's not so cold everywhere else. I seem to live in a frost pocket on the side of a hill. Snowed a bit yesterday morning.

Stockton had snow again last night, i have white lawns car and greenhouse roof plus nice white bushes. 2C so it should move on.
Looked across the valley to Rain's Hills and it all looks very purple so not good news for Rain.
Chicken in the oven with home made stuffing and streaky bacon on the breast, lunch will be 13:15 hours, i am running a little late.



It's trying it's damndest to snow here Frank,  I keep seeing little white bits floating past the window and the sky looks full of trouble as well at 3.5c I wonder what it's going to do at least there's no cold biting wind.


Bunny.....that's ME! And it's 6c, possibly more now. He he, we Cornish are a greedy bunch when it comes to the weather.

Nr Lincoln.

Just a sprinkling of snow overnight, all gone now, haven't ventured out, it looks cold, but a little brighter than of late.

We are having the same, Frank, but later in the day. Always have a cooked brekkie on Sunday so can't manage anything else until teatime.

Have a good day folks.


Bunny ...

Sun and blue sky start again today, now can we keep it before Verdun runs off with it

A little warmer today -3°, snowing! But only a sprinkle.

Bunny ...
I had no idea how cold it was where you are liz ....brrrr.