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A little warmer today -3°, snowing! But only a sprinkle.

Bunny ...
I had no idea how cold it was where you are liz ....brrrr.

It's not unlike England but more extreme! When it's cold, it's very cold, it was down to -17° last year. When it's hot it will be over 30° on a day that is 22° in England. When it rains it can be torrential, but we don't usually get as much drizzle as England.


Good morning,  Not done a 'weather report' but thought I would join it as I keep an eye on the weather - like to manage my expectations.  I live on the Furness Peninsula, South Cumbria and we don't always get the weather forecast - sometimes better, sometimes worse - probably due to being surrounded by the sea on three sides.  This morning is bright and sunny if a little on the cool side with a few white/grey clouds.  So long as the sun keeps shining I'm happy . . . and I think we've had a whole week without rain!

South Derbyshire - It was minus 2C with a flurry of snow yesterday afternoon while I dug... soil is drying out well. But drizzle this morning and the temperature has risen to  4C.


Stockton today? "err" well challenging. The snow has gone though that ice cold wind direct from Siberia is blasting across the North Sea and up our kilts or trews, depends on your fancy.
Gardening is still two weeks away, mine is tidy but planting into rock solid frozen Tundra is not recommended, when we do start it will be all go.



Damp, grey, miserable, cold - I really do hate February!!  


Nr Lincoln.

A degree or two warmer than yesterday,but grey!!! It gets you down when there's no sun, roll on spring. Let's hope March turns out to be brighter.




Well just been for a walk to the shops and although cold it is warmer than it has been. Not that dry cold we have been getting. 

It is damp and the hills are beginning to mist over. OH said when he walked dog first thing there was a short sleet shower.

Highland Jeannie

Minus several again last night & blue blue skies, so fairly cold but lovely in the sun.


Overcast but a bit dismal and cold. Managed to water my indoor plants though.

Was damp first thing in NEast Derbyshire this morning, which I was very glad about. It'd snowed a bit yesterday late afternoon & the gritters were out late on.

I wasnt looking forward to the drive back over the tops to Manchester. Neednt have worried, just dull & damp, with some lying snow on the fells. Manchester was a wee bit brighter, slight breeeze. Have risked some washing out to blow a bit. About 5-6C at the mo. J.


Gloomy and misty day in the Chilterns,but the garden is cheering me up - primroses,snowdrops and crocuses all over the place, and the narcissi and daffodils are in varying stages of bloom - a colourful outlook set against a dishwater-coloured sky - reminds me why we all spend so much time tending our gardens!
Bunny ...
Light frost, cloud and sun ..gardening weather
Highland Jeannie

Got your sun at last then bunny??

Very frosty again last night, so lovely blue skies all day.  Just got back from wandering amongst the snowdrops & winter aconites on the Black Isle (not black;not an island)  Temp on car showed 6-8c & being well wrapped up it was glorious!



Beautiful sunny day here in South Cumbria today, with a light easterly breeze.  Could almost be convinced spring is here, but in reality I know March could well convince me otherwise.



Bunny ...
Yes sunshine jeannie , north Cumbria here Lorraine , cool in shade ...set for double figures later in week , heatwave

A crispy and and chilly morning here, but as the day wore on the sun came out, down to 5C according to the temp gauage in the car driving home this evening. Can't wait for the clocks to change, it'll be nice to get home in day light again.    

Bunny ...
White and frosty .. -5.2 at the moment 7.15) looks like a grand day out though , garden for me ...(well what I can do anyway)

Frosty and sunny, ground frozen, -7°.