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we were having bbq's in march last year.. Forecast says 9c today and its already 15c out there

Bunny ...

Well it's a massive...that's MASSIVE 4degrees here

Stockton, nothing to write home about, "you are home you nutter" "oh err" Ok I will e-mail myself, cannot see the Hills.


Highland Jeannie

Cloudy but bright, about 9c here - quite a good day for a birthday!!


Highland Jeannie wrote (see)

Cloudy but bright, about 9c here - quite a good day for a birthday!!

Well if it is yours Jeannie "MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY TO YOU LASSY" May your dreams come true.


Lavender Lady

Beautiful sunny day here, about 10c.  Cold in the wind but lovely in the sun.  Been out tidying up front garden and putting a few pots out with crocus, daffs, bellis daisies and tulips in.  All looking spik and span.  Hopefully will last.


PS  Happy birthday to you Highland Jeanie

Highland Jeannie

Thank you Frank & Lavender.  Huuuuuge bouquet from OH, the phlox smells gorgeous.

Gorgeous sunny springlike day in Chilterns - up the allotment planting more Meteor peas and first sowing of parsnip seeds. My neighbours peas (sown a few months ago) are already six inches high. Started digging the area for early carrots, and the soil is really soft and friable - winter is starting to become a memory.....famous last words!
Caz W

Lovely gardening weather here in Swansea but getting quite chilly now.  Forecast even better for tomorrow .

Hope your birthday is still going well Jeannie

Bunny ...
Happy birthday Jeannie
Highland Jeannie

Thank you Caz & Bunny, just got in from a lovely meal including the most gorgeous little lemon meringue pie ever, mega-scrummy!!

OH bought me a potting bench, made of aluminium to go outside, beside the shed.  We put it together a couple of days ago. Looks very smart, but immediately covered it with plant pots, full & empty, & all sorts to deter any oik that might be passing!

 Dry & 3c on our way home.

Bunny ...

-5.5 when got up but has warmed to a tropical -4 now , it has some work to do yet

Yay! Sunshine!

It was -2.8c when I went to bed last night and through the night dropped down to -4c brrrrr,  this morning it was 1.1c with an absolute pea souper of a fog which even now is just dissipating,  the sun is trying it's hardest to burn through but wont hold my breath and it's only 4.5c,  I'm sure I saw on Sky News yesterday that it was supposed to hit 16c today,  wonder where that will be ?



Here in the SE Rain!  No idea what the temperature is, but it is extremely warm.  Hair plastered to head - not a pretty sight!  Right, break over - onwards and upwards.

After being off air most of the day Yahoo Chrome tried to take over my laptop, Son had to reset and reboot everything he managed to send it into oblivion so new passwords to remember, I hate Yahoo, "oops sorry" wrong thread.
Stockton as Rain said was blotted out and very cold, I went off shopping whilst Son had best of three falls with the laptop and did a long wander round the lanes. The sun came out and the temperature rose slightly, I was surprised at how much water is still on the fields, quiet roads and warm in the car although fingers freeezing when I stopped, still a couple of weeks to seed sowing yet.
Snap Jeannie, I use an aluminium staging against a fence to pot up and sow stuff, usually have to clean it off before I can use it.



Glorious day. Been digging the clay pit for last 2 days and just about finished. Next dry day I will stamp out a path in the clay, that bit then need not be composted.

Actually got down to rolling up sleeves - wonderful and OH tidied up grass by running mower over on high so that it's all even.


Nr Lincoln.

Very foggy and frosty start to the day but by lunch time the sun was out and a very pleasant afternoon.

Got nearly all the important gardening jobs done for now, so feeilng quite pleased.



Highland Jeannie

NOT a glorious day here .  Forecast good, sun due 11ish to 3ish. Went for a snowdrop walk at Dunrobin Castle, temps around 7c & light grey sky all day. Felt cold, wore a scarf, but should have taken gloves!  Snowdrops were lovely still, unfortunately the sky wasn't!!   "Annoyedattheweathersmiley"