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Cloudy, drizzle on and off but warm....ish. Getting there. So far, the winter has not been cold enough to damage anything or delay anything.

We've had a beautiful day today, the hottest day this year. Went to Steyning with my mum and had a wonderful lunch in the cobblestone tearoom, will definately go back there but not tomorrow as rain is forcast.


Bitter bitter cold with a cutting North westerly wind,  not that strong just very cold, the highest it got to was 8.3c managed about half hour in  the garden my hands were frozen so called it a day,  it's now 1.2c so I guess there will be a frost tonight 

Know the tearoom in Steyning well,Maud - lovely place. We usually pop in there when we stop at the Tollgate Hotel in nearby Bramber. Had a beautiful day in the Chilterns today, sunny and warm, and got plenty of digging done at the allotment - the ground is really workable at the moment. Also found time to stroll down the River Thames from Hambledon Lock to Henley this afternoon, and an early evening meal at The Stag and Huntsman in Hambledon village. Altogether a very satisfying day.........hope tomorrow is half as good!

Bright and sunny here reached a staggering 12C



Strange, since my last post nearly 3 pages ago I haven't had an update email about this thread. Had howling gales here today. Bit scary. Tree fell onto track to house. Was going to plant onion sets but too windy.

Bunny ...
Have you got the ' email me when response is made ' box ticked?

Dull , grey and 2 degrees ... 4 different forecasts re rain , one none, one lunchtime onwards, one 6pm and one 9pm ...... Wonder which it will be
I shall be back out there this morning

I was out yesterday in my garden, it was 20c - was beautifull, says it will be 11c today but cloudy, lets see.

Sue H
Grey grey grey!! Forecast also predicts grey!! Not like yesterday. Still lots to do.

Hello Bunny, yes box is ticked. Sometimes there's a hiccough, like when it doesn't say "view first unread post" so you have to look in latest posts to get to the page when there are lots. Sometimes it forgets to remind me about a thread I'm following.

Anyway, weather - raining. But at least the wind has gone. Had 2 calls last night from village council, they are trying to work out what to do with the tree that blew down on the track yesterday. Trunk has snapped halfway up, sitting on bottom half, top of tree resting on another tree other side of track, so trunk is high up like a bridge. Farmers has cut away lower branches so you can drive under it. Whole thing needs removing and it's over our telephone line.

Sue H
Yes very grey. And bit foggy too. Can't see the local hills
Bunny ...
Awww , just grey and cold here ...vest yesterday , layers and hat today
Sue H
Lizzie. Telephone line still working? Or are you using mobile internet?



It's still working, Sue, even with the tree leaning on it. But I'm afraid they may break it when they remove the tree - then no phone, no internet.

Highland Jeannie

5c, cold wind & grey, grey, grey here too.

Ventured out for 10 mins,thought "nah" & came back in.  Always lots to do indoors anyway.

B&Q delivered the trellis tho' .

Bunny in (just??) a vest, hmmmm.......


Just walked to the garden centre and says its 12c but its definately warmer than that. I had to take my jacket off and had just a thirt on, was still hot and humid

Stockton dull and cold, do not have to go out and will not.
Seed sowing is still in the future, as I have said Patience is a virtue.


Warmish but cloudy today. Ground is dry so the lawn got its first cut and very nice it turned out too. Picked some lovely new potatoes from a tub in the greenhouse - they were originally intended for Christmas but the cold weather obviously held them right back - but a nice surprise, will go well with home made steak pie and various green veg tomorrow!
Just started drizzling at 7pm so that will, no doubt, do the newly shorn lawn some good