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Stockton dull and cold, do not have to go out and will not.
Seed sowing is still in the future, as I have said Patience is a virtue.


Warmish but cloudy today. Ground is dry so the lawn got its first cut and very nice it turned out too. Picked some lovely new potatoes from a tub in the greenhouse - they were originally intended for Christmas but the cold weather obviously held them right back - but a nice surprise, will go well with home made steak pie and various green veg tomorrow!
Just started drizzling at 7pm so that will, no doubt, do the newly shorn lawn some good

Good evening all , O K own up the person who was praying to the rain Gods ,I had two glorious week of dry weather cold at night but no rain would ya just look at today's chart .


It's just started raining here it the last hour


Was hoping and praying for a few more days of frost  so the garlic will split

Dull Drear and bitter cold in that easterly wind straight off the North Sea and that is Stockton today.
Gardening? forget it.


Sunshine and 16C yesterday.  Cooler, grey and set to be damp today and getting colder and wetter for the weekend.  -5C and snow expected by Monday.




Raining nearly all the time. It must have been quite heavy over night as my ranwater measure showed 9mm this morning.

As yet doesn't feel too cold. but that is coming 


Yep, the weather for the week a head is not good just been looking at the long range forecast from Met'Ireland very wet over the weekend but no Snow thank God.......




Bunny ...
Bl@@dy freezing wind out there ....icyyyyyyyyyy

First rain here overnight & first thing this morning. We needed it.

Got lots done in garden though on Monday & Tuesday including eating my lunch sat outside! Yesterday was a shopping & paperwork day. The wind was rather cold.

Dont like the look of next weeks' forecast....J.


Day gradually deteriorated.  Started with a bit of drizzle now really got into the swing of it. Misty now and cold.  Oh well, those couple of days were good while they lasted.

Dull and light dizzle here, with a light breeze.

If the forcast is rain over the weekend, will have a GH day and sow some more seeds. 


Bunny ...
Dull, light rain, windy and very cold
Gloomy and damp here in South Devon, not too cold though. But have invested in a light box, so I can pretend the sun's shining! Just been for a greenhouse inspection, what I thought was a pepper seedling looking suspiciously like a pea...but is it a sweet pea, mange tout or garden pea?

here in dismal Wakefield West Yorkshire, its cold damp drizzling and overcast. Not the best of days. A shame I have to go out in later.


Very wet, ground squelching. OH says we've had our summer now, Big plus though is that it is quite mild so don't have to worry about plants YET. Cold is coming they say.