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The potty gardener

It is grey on the south coast. Looks as if it will rain soon.

Highland Jeannie

Half a dozen snowflakes on the grass at the back & 2c in the shed.  Sunny but looks quite windy - think it'll be vv cold when we venture out.

Spring - pleeeeease come

Just had some hail, looks drizzly and murky out there. Temperature's dropped like a stone. Time to light the wood burning stove and turn on the light box me thinks. Planning to entertain myself by emptying the larder ready for painting tomorrow. And there's a mountain of ironing lurking in the airing cupboard...

Stockton snowing and laying, looks bright over the Coast line although the wind is easterly and bitter.
My instinct told me to leave the seed sowing and it has proved correct, I keep saying young shoots need light and we have none as yet, another week, maybe.



Plenty of snow flurries in fact it's snowing now it's only 2.5c but feels a lot colder in the wind 



form f/bedroom window now

Derek's sky has crossed the Irish Sea and reached me now!

Turned out quite nice, 14°.


Snow on Princetown tor. Can see it from the window, very cold here.

Highland Jeannie

Bright & sunny, came in after an hour - very cold wind.

I have been out and found it  very cold and the longer I was out the colder it got, was glad to get home, its dry at least and the sun is trying to come out. Its still cold. 

Only reached about 4C here. We had light snow, it was so light I had to go outside to check it was snowing. 

Did some potting up in the GH. The neighbouring allotment was a hive of activity today, a newbie said hello through the fence, which was friendly.

There look to be some poor cultivated plots this year, was thinking of asking the chair of the committee if anyone wants to share a plot although I believe waiting lists are long but heard you get priority if you live nearby, I'm 5ft away


It's -2.2c and dropping,   going to be a very cold night I think and tomorrow and Tuesday aren't looking very promising either.


Bunny ...
Sunny , blue sky and a chilly -3 although feels two or three times colder a few cm of snow but hopefully will melt soon.
Sue H
Sunny, but been snowing in last few minutes. Very cold -5. Don't think I will be off outside today. Things that had started growing look a bit sad.
Bunny ...
Spoke to soon ... Snowing
Woke up to a dusting of snow. There's a howling Easterly wind as well. Yuk.

Stockton on Tees, we have a layer of snow and more coming down, the Easterly is blowing straight up the valley from the coast and it is freezing.
My Daf's on the front have just curled up, all of them and the young flower buds drooped right over, sow seeds early?? not in this neck of the woods you don't.