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I live on a hill Zoomer on the way to Durham and yesterday we had snow all day on our roads though the main roads were clear, a big pile up held the traffic on the A19 A66 and most roads into Stockton.
Today it cleared but is back with a heavy frost and worse to come.


Today's feeling quite warm....prob 5 degrees frost, snow or ice. Sun is breaking through but I think some rain is possible. Yesterday was cold so today I'm thinking again of SPRING
bettina richards

It's freezing here in sunny st.ives..what a change in just a week..the pond has been frozen over and i worry i've lost the frog spawn that has been growing by the day..i dont think it's quiet so cold as yesterday, but the sun is shining although that may not be for long..


Hello Bettina. St. Ives is so beautiful, but I haven't been there for years. Went to the south coast last time. It's grey and -2° in non-sunny (at the moment!) Dordogne. They say it will be warmer at the weekend. But it's not snowing. Last week they said it would snow today.

The potty gardener

sunny on the south coast- what a difference from yesterday.Earlier there was a bright blue sky, now a few fluffy white clouds. Not been out so not sure about temperature



I saw you're in Newhaven, Bev. We arrive on the Dieppe Newhaven ferry nearly everytime we go to England as family and friends mostly in Surrey and Sussex.

Stockton on Tees, snow and ice gone, Blue sky sunshine and cold.
Cloudy over the coast and over the Hills, I can see snow still on the tops, not warm enough to melt it yet.


Bunny ...

Thatl be about right zoomer brrrr


Woke up this morning to a good covering of wet snow about an inch worth,  then the sun got out and melted it all away,  it was 5c a few moments and out of curiosity I got last years diary out to see what the temperature was and got quite a shock,  the 12th March for last year was 17.4c and 13th was 11.4c it did get steadily warmer till 27th when it was a staggering 24.9c I remember sitting out in the garden just enjoying it,  stayed hot until 31st when it dropped down to 9.9c then the snow and sleet came back and the rest of the year was consigned to history 

Hi Bettina, I'm just few miles from you. Why are you freezing? It's 9 degrees here now and been sunny all morning??? And it feels so warm! Are you on top of st Ives? Anyway, nice we have another Cornish poster.

Snow all round here too and -14C last night.  Brrrr!

bettina richards

Hi also live in a beautiful part of the world.. my daughter Saraya lives in Neuvic-entier france with her family and i always love to visit the garden centre while there..i have just spoken to her and she said the same cold but no snow...

Hi Verdun..yes it's me being a not had a chance to get out in the garden yet as ive been doing stuff in the house but i was up at 6.30am and it felt very cold..i do live at the top of st.ives but i will be venturing out with the dog shortly and then maybe getting more done in the garden..nice to share a post with you.


A lovely sunny day today in Manchester, about 8+C at the mo, with much less wind.

Yesterday was well below freezing -4.5C first thing, but today better at 0C! J.


Highland Jeannie

About 5c with a very light snowshower mid morning, followed by sunshine, but a cold wind.

Nice and sunny here with clear blue skies.

Frank - so glad I went on the train.

Busy-Lizzie. My brother has a house in Agde. Hasn't snowed there in over 20 yrs, I'm told it seldom drops below 15C in winter. When it did last snow, it was such a novelty, everyone took pictures and a few bars have them on their walls .

His neighbour grows veg in her garden, it seems odd seeing what we would grow in a GH romping away outdoors, she grows huge toms and grapes to die for.



Hi Zoomer. Agde is the proper South of France, on the Med. sea. I'm south west and 3hours from the west coast - much colder here in winter. But summer can be hot, and longer than in the UK. Last winter it went down to -17°! It's nearer the Massif Central  than the sea, where people go skiing.

Brr...sounds cold...I've often read your posts and wondered which part of France you were in, just visited 'wikipedia' for Dordogne to see where you are in relation to Agde, you are up the country and to the left, me thinks. 

Been to the place where they make that really nice blue cheese, me thinks that's in your direction

What a difference in climate though from the South Coast, you don't look to be that far inland from Agde but I'm sure it's probably a few hundred miles. We travel over the Pyrenees for duty free's into Spain or Andorra and there's usually snow on the peaks there in early spring and Autumn.    


Agde is about 450 kms and 5 hours drive away. France is so much bigger than England. My daughter lives in the north of France and that's over 7 hours drive, I take longer because of stops.

Bunny ...
Was -5 first thing but bright sunshine. Now cloudy and keeping the cold in possible snow showers this afternoon .

-2° this morning, snow shower in the night but sunny now, clouds coming in the distance.