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-4.5C this morning.

Sun initially, but now just started to spit with rain.

Have abandoned plans to sow seeds in greenhouse, just too cold, so am shredding loads of obsolete paperwork which will ultimately end up as compost, so a sort of gardening. J.

Stockton fine with sunshine and blue sky, did not realise I still had snow on one of my borders that gets no sun, the wind blows straight up that side from the east, the plants there are very hardy, they have to be.
Coming back from Middlesbrough along the back lanes the fields are still holding water, everything will be late this year.
Give the seeds a week Jo, I did notice the sun at noon is reaching parts that have not seen the sun in months, we will have an explosion and probably moan at the amount of pricking out we have to do.



Wonderful sunshine and wonders of all the temperature got into double figures 10.3c dropping down now at 7.4c but at least the sun is still shining  

Caz W

A lovely sunny day in Swansea and it's not cold! Perfect gardening weather

Brumbull, nope you are correct and that weather coming from Siberia crosses the coast over us first, the joy of living with one foot in the North Sea.
So put off the seed sowing another week and then on will go my heated sandbed and a frost guard fan heater.




Snowing here in central Belgium and set to go to -16C.   Even the plants I have stashed in the garage don't like that.   Staying nasty but not so cold until the end of the 7 day forecast.   

Grumpy Obxx.

Good job I have indoor jobs to get on with.

Highland Jeannie

Dry & coldish but no biting wind (so not unpleasant if wrapped up well) this morning & put together another pair of trellis panels onto the fence. Rain started about 1pm, think it's just stopped now. 

Was doing an interesting dance trying to avoid everything that's just started to come up!  Didn't dare let OH onto the bed to trample everything with his size 9s!!


The temperature got into double figures today a staggering 10.4c and lovely sun shine most of the day but still the cold Northerly wind if that would drop it would be nice and maybe dry the ground out again 


Frank, I was just going to use the greenhouse staging as a work bench for seed sowing. The seeds will be for the sill propagator inside the house.

It ended up sleeting out there & now it's raining steadily again. No seeds sown, but 3 big bags of shredded paper now under staging in greenhouse.

We may get a sort of decent day here on Saturday, when am otherwise occupied- drat! Mind you with the forecast for next week, I think another week will go by before I get much done. J.

Bunny ...
I do same Jo ... In greenhouse then carry to house

Bl00dy cold here ..I'm sick of being cold

Hi a balmy 10c here in between rain showers intermittent frost towards morning




Don't brag, Derek!


why not you Guys keep mentioning thous dirty four letter words R--n   S--w


Bunny ...
Itl bite you on the assssss Derek ..... The RAIN and SNOW will head over your way

Wet and windy here.

I've been sowing seeds in the kitchen it's been so cold outsideA tab bit disappointed with germination. Twelve chilli Apache seeds sown and only three have come up, sadly going leggy whilst I wait for the others to show. Cayenne just two seeds showing, peppers are no better...


Caz W

7 degrees and sunny here today but 7 degrees and rain tomorrow

Have got my seeds in the conservatory and they are doing well .  Made a makeshift "shade" from an old net curtain which does the job perfectly!


- 4° and sunny at 8am. Greenhouse thermometer said it had been to -5°, but it's on the bottom bench and the heater and electric propogaters are on the top bench. The 19 germinated tomatoes look OK though.


More snow and jolly cold.  Fed up.


Wet & increasingly windy here in Manchester. About 6-7C out there now.

If tomorrow is dry(er) I may, then may not, done wellies & waterproof gloves to finish cutting back the dead herbaceous at daughter's house. We're not totally sure yet what surprises await her, but time will tell. J.