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Tis reet Bunny Lassy, oopt t'north be a luckin orrible, better gannin yam and gittin me ganzi then.
Country file was on the South coast tonight, that brought back memories of Wyke Regis and boat testing on the mere behind Chessil bank. Dancing in Weymouth full of holiday makers, a lovely time was had by all.


Bunny ...
Cold , windy , drizzle so far

Heavy Dark clouds with a sprinkling of sunshine and @4c now


Stockton on Tees is dull dowdy and dismal to put it mildly, I could describe it in more rounded and colourful terms although it may shock the Moderator (I doubt that).
The one joy is seeing my primroses sitting well above a pond I did not have yesterday smiling at me, a long lasting colour fest I love them.



Bright and sunny. Hard frost in the ground - -3C in GH - very odd though as ground level had the frost but the top of GH was in bright sun with the vent open  a little way.

May get out and dig more front garden



Much the same here Frank,  trying it's hardest to snow and the weather men are telling me that we have a predicted 8 inches of it on the way,   the A66 over the Pennines is closed due to heavy snow,  and just when we think it's all over 


Downpours with tiny sunny periods and lots of wind.


A sharp frost with sun first thing today.

It's clouded over, stayed cold & breezy so at least the washing dried pretty well. Have been busy indoors today, although did swop some houseplants around- a sort of gardening task. J.


Torrential rain again in the SE. My whole garden will soon be a huge pond. 



The potty gardener

well the afternoon was beautiful and sunny on the south coast-I was having coffee so missed it!

Caz W

Third day of sunny weather in Swansea  - reached 10 degrees according to the weatherman!   All set to change tomorrow


north manchester sharp frost sunny day . chilly latter 

Stockton, dull and dour, very cold.
Thinking of building a house on the garden, may as well make some use of it.



WManchester- another def frost first thing, with sun.

Clouded over now, some breeze, about 8-9C at the mo.

Going to hibernate in greenhouse sorting out some houseplants- not the really tender ones. J.


Bunny ...
Getting cold again now .

Lovely spring like day - if cold but could do things in the garden.

Getting cold now, fire's lit but doesn'y want to go

Bunny ...
Tempted to light mine too

 Up this morning and snow 3in deep but melted as day went on  but thats it back on now hope it stops soon getting fed up with this weather now. 

It seemed alot warmer here today, there was definitely some heat in the GH when I went in there after lunch to sow seeds, unfortunatly be teatime it was chilly again.

The plastic GH is now up, which always makes me feel like spring has arrived even if there's frost on the ground every morning. Bought a new plastic cover but the old one lasted well, I'm sure it was 4 or 5 yrs old, it was being was being held together by tape though