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Bunny ...
Perhaps you could send up heat a bit further north for me then
Caz W

Well, jt had the cheek to rain this morning and spoil our 3 day record of sun!!!  Brightened up later but it's gone very cold tonight.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?  (If we get any more sun I'll send some to Frank & Bunny)


Bunny ...
Thanks Caz ... 3 days ...that was your summer love
Bunny ...
Cloudy , lightly snowing

Stockton, cloudy, cannot see the hills, not looking good at all.



Yesterday broke gloriously. Lots of sun and quite mild, until we went up to the edge of Dartmoor where there was hail lying everywhere and it was distinctly chilly. We didn't mind because a group of us met in the Blisland Inn for lunch, not cordon bleu but substantial home cooking. We all left replete.

This morning has again been warm and sunny but there are threatening clouds piling up and slowly heading this way.


Dull, dampish, sort of day in WManchester today. No frost this morning but only reached 4-5C later on.

Having seen the forecast for Friday/Saturday will hibernate again!! J.

Stockton cloudy although dry, could get brighter later although Gardening at the moment in this part od the country none existent, there will be an almighty rush in the next week or so.


It has poured with riain and blown a hooley all day in Cornwall!

Bunny ...
Cold light snow but not settling , icy wind .

Sorry to all those who have floods or snow, but it's a beautiful early Spring day here in Kent...

Bunny ...
Can I come to your house today wintersong

Yes you can, if you promise to admire my garden and talk plants and design and garden designers all day and have tea and cake while we watch GW later.


Horrid here in South Devon. Just horrid.



Bunny ...

That sound like my perfect kind of day wintersong  much better than freezing cold, talking to dog or myself, paperwork and housework

Despite last nights forecast of lots of snow in the Chilterns, so far today has been bright and sunny - breezy and cool, but I was outside pottering in garden and greenhouse.

Now I've made that smug comment,no doubt the snow will arrive within hours and I'll probably be marooned in the greenhouse!
Bunny ...

 Brave commenting ...hope you have a flask , shovel, blanket


Snowing heavily at dog pee time - 11 last night - Then agood covering this  morning which has now become slushy. The garden is saturated AGAIN. The wind is blowing very cold. Son has just come in saying it's horrible out there.

Every now and again get a really sharp shower of sleet.

bonus is that the hills look amazing with their snow cap

Highland Jeannie

Cold, cold wind; about 5c but feels like -10!!

Was away for 3 days so took a turn round the garden this morning just to say hello to my babies - it was a very quick turn!!

We were near Twickenham & expected spring to have sprung all over the place, but apart from some nice blossom it's about the same as up here (hehe).  Our former neighbour says that everything in her garden is late this year & it's very sheltered there.

We may escape the current snow.......