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Cold, dull, windy.

Fed up of SE.

sweet p

Three  inches of snow in Leeds and still snowing ! My poor chitted first earlies are waiting patiently to be planted out .... fat chance 

Bunny ...
Snowing here now and freezing wind

Sounds like it's doing this outside (again)

 And if I have to go out (to persuade doggy it's not that horrid) I've got my outfit ready



Driving snow and strong winds here. I ended my day in Chorley and drove home on the A6, the wind was so strong the car kept being blown about, drove a steady 45mph gripping the wheel, wish I'd had your brolly attached to the back bumper figrat, one driver behind was so impatient and drove so close I thought he was going to end up on the back seat  wouldn't have minded but there were plenty of opportunities to over take      


Bunny ...
Maybe inflatable attachments on our rear windows would be handy zoomer for those occasions.
Driving home (back country rds) yesterday , which wagons travel to peat works front was a tractor and double trailer which I knew was local , then a milk tanker going local, me then a local wagon who runs between the peat works .... He was sooooo far up my asssss , I had to keep braking to back him off ..he didn't ... He kept pulling out to check for overtaking all of us .... He got the brolly when I pulled off into a farm I know to escape . I know who he is and will get reported .

Shocking drivers out there .

We have escaped the snow pretty much somehow, snowing now but haven't had much .
Bunny ...
Inch of snow, very cold and still windy far hasn't started snowing again, hope it stays that way

Here in the East Midlands it has been snowing most of the night and is still snowing. It's very wet I'm hoping that it won't last long. HAH!

You wait...another few weeks and I'll be moaning that it's too hot.


After the torrential rain yesterday, today we have snow and it's cold and I'm fed up.

Stockton bitter cold dull and flurries of snow, the sand bed stays switched off for another week


Highland Jeannie

Still no snow......

About 6c out there & sunny now & again, but still v. windy.

Fixed a bit of windbreak material round the nearly out wall flowers.  Too late I think, they're very droopy.


Here in Worcs stopped snowing about an hour agp,started snowing just before 11 last night.By the looks of the hills there is more to come - very grey and heavy and shrouded in cloud.

Pennine Petal

View from back door


 Tried to go up the garden to feed the birds and failed, snow too deep.

Inch of snow when I woke up in Chilterns, and snowed all morning, but it's melted well, and I eventually went up the allotment and checked and tidied. Came back with a nice cabbage, a few leeks, and some rhubarb. Leek and potato soup tomorrow, followed by roast with the cabbage. Seeds in the greenhouse have all germinated and are looking healthy - covered in fleece, but in a few weeks time everything will be roaring away.

Bitterly cold and gale force winds here. It's been trying to snow all day.

Not gardening weather, so I've been to the children's cinema with friend and 3 three children followed by lunch out. When I got back, could not believe someone was out on the allotment, at the back of the house, digging over his plot, he'd dug over quite a lot too, all the other plots had snow patches on them  and then I heard the ice-cream van arrive at the front 


Zoomer- do you not sometimes feel the world is going mad? We, or a lot of us, plod on regardless of conditions - decided to go up allotment, so I went up the allotment. Daft as it seemed, and daft as my wife put it, I had a fruitful hour there - not digging, as most of that's done and awaiting seeds and plants when warm enough, but just keeping it all tidy and looking good. Regular short visits make it that much easier when the real work begins, which hopefully will be soon.

First post here and it's to join in the moans about the weather (typical Brit eh?). Had about 4-5" snow where we are in the East Mids. This stuff isn't like the last dry, powdery blanketing. This snow is heavy and wet and has flattened bamboo to the floor, bent  a healthy Ceanothus double and has possibly dealt a death blow to a Choysia. Spent about 30 mins shaking the stuff from as many shrubs, trees and plants as possible to avoid further damage. Ggrrrr!! Roll on some warmer weather please. Windowsills getting cramped with seedlings and the cats may have to be evicted from their warm spots on the remaining sills for 'additions'


Brass monkeys outside in that wind today. Back garden exposed to the East wind, so no escape.

Was below freezing first thing today, although actually warmer (less cold) than at bedtime last night. Think it reached about 1-2C, but it certainly didnt feel even like that!

All our snow has gone, but daughter's garden still covered, about 12miles further North.  OH stayed over in NEast Derbyshire where it snowed non stop all day yesterday. J.






I still haven't had any snow or rain,  but Like Jo the wind is baltic,  just about froze my ears of while I was out with the dog,  in fact it's that cold the dog had 2 coats on well she's nearly 16 so feels the cold more than me,  the sun did manage to get out briefly but I think it was too cold for that as well so beat a hasty retreat behind the clouds oy=ut of the way 


Another East Midlander here and am I glad it is now dark, can no longer see the snow from my little perch on my sofa, more due later in the week