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Fine day in the Chilterns, the sun even had a little warmth in it! No snow where I am, but still some in the higher Chilterns. Will try the allotment tomorrow and turn over some more of the potato patch - but whether I'll ever get to use it is another matter!
Pol Bishop

I am from London and guess what... the weather is rainy. What a surprise! 


It's been a lovely day today, blue sky, sunshine 16°, it was like that on Friday too. Sunday was a bit chillier and greyer, but the last few days have been definitely springlike. 


Well thank heavens the snow didn't stick , it must be the salt laden air that's preventing it

not like other parts of the country .but still very cold .




Morning Derek and the rest of the weather watchers. The sun has managed to struggle through the clouds for a while. Not hopeful that it will last all day. Forecast last night said it will be mid April before things improve


Hi Just got this from one of my fellow allotmenters,



Sun here in WManchester, but nicely below freezing first thing again.

Shall keep busy inside until later when it'll be a wee bit warmer perhaps & need to deal with some purchases made yesterday. J.


Raining today, oh well, can't have it all.

Stockton, for thirty seconds the sun shone, it lit up the house the garden and my face then it vanished, we are now getting quick flashes and even as I type it is creeping across the carpet and lighting up the room, will wonders never cease?


Highland Jeannie

Woke up to about 1" of snow!! We had the same last week for part of 1 day - the first since before Christmas!

The sun is shining brilliantly & the snow's all melted there, but melting slowly in the shady areas. About 8c in the shed & 4c outside - I just want to get out there!!


2° degrees here at the moment in west cork,this time last year it was 20° and we were putting sun cream on our kids!!crazy!!

It's lovely here today. Sunny and feeling quite warm. Cut honeysuckles back over the arch and cut grass. ,oh! And cut out flowered stems from earliest hellebores, fed and mulched them and said thanks for such fine show and requested a second flush in summer

Sunny and warm (out of the wind). Cleared a bed on the side of house border, tidied up lots of straggly pots, checked for slugs (ugh), mulched hellebores. Notably each day, the sun is rising higher, clearing the the house roof . The back lawn has dried out over the last two days so cut edges.  


Bl..dy cold. What more can I say. Done nothing except keep turning the heating up a notch. 


Temp reached a balmy 9 degrees today. Good day for being outside

I've had wall to wall sunshine and a tropical 5.5c but still that bitter cold Easterly,  the weather men are telling me that this cold weather could last till the end of April,  that will definitely put paid to the plantlet's in the GH's 

Woke up to a snow covered car this morning, well not litrally. like I don't park the car in the bedroom or sleep on the pavement but there was a layering of snow on the ground outside.

Chilly and cold out but tropical in the office, this should really be on the rant thread but what is it with people who turn up the heating to full even though there's a thermostat which keeps the heating at a more comfortable level. One day someone had put the electric heater on full and left it on when they left the office. It was like stepping off a plane into the Sahara that day when you walked into the office.      

Its really cold here in The Midlands.

Started off warm and sunny here.

The lawn got it's first cut and seedlings spent the day in the GH getting heat from the suns rays. By about teatime the sky had clouded over and it's gone very cold again this evening.