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Lovely sunny warm day in Chilterns, greenhouse hot and I left the door open for a few hours! Seedlings and plants inside looking very good, and daffodils and crocuses in garden all perked up - the garden looked totally springlike at last!

Yesterday glorious sunshine from dawn to dusk with a bitter cold wind.
Stockton today lovely sunshine again that bitter wind, the lawn is not growing yet so still hanging back on seed sowing, no point if they have to stop in pots for weeks.


Another sunny day although there was a chill in the air. 

Didn't get out in the garden apart from putting peas in the GH for the day and then bringing them indoors at tea time. Most of my daffs are now out, some for a few weeks. 

The garden seems to be coming alive, All the bulbs planted out last Autumn are putting out lots of leaves, some are budding and some perennials are beginning to grow.  Bellis are in flower along with primula's.

Highland Jeannie

Beautiful, glorious sunshine all day but chilly. 

The bed nearest the house at the back which hasn't seen the sun for months is frozen solid, but the rest of the garden which is now sunny nearly all day has lovely freeflowing soil.

I had to water some pots in the sun which were rather dry!

Found a vine weevil crawling across the hall floor . Splat!!  The only good vine weevil is a dead vine weevil. 


I'm having a heat wave,  well 8.1c is a heat wave after the past few  weeks,  been lovely in the garden today with the sun,  and there was some heat in it if I got out of the prevailing wind,  supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow as well but I won't hold my breath.


Glorious sunshine today in the North West. The sky clouded over a couple of times this morning and it looked like rain but has stayed dry all day.

Painted the back fence and if it stays fine tomorrow will paint the trellis, I ran out of wood preserve, so it's a trip down to B & Q first thing.   

Some of my seedlings are beginning to grow true leaves although you might need a magnifying glass to see them

Beautiful day yesterday even managed to work in a t shirt, cant remember where i discarded the fleece. Today its quite bright but very cold. AGAIN


Bloody freezing.  Apologies for swearing.

Stockton the first signs of spring now at last we can get started.


Highland Jeannie

Still beautiful sunshine all day after about -7c overnight. Discarded the scarf then the fleece, stopped there as by then doing less active jobs.  Swept up all of the de-icing grit hope it's not needed any more! Grass & beds by the house at the back still frozen hard, elsewhere warming up nicely.

Had to water a lot of pots at the front, the wind had dried them out such a lot - hope they'll be ok overnight.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

Bloody freezing.  Apologies for swearing.


It was zero degrees  when I went to work this morning at half 8.


Another sunny day and not a rain cloud in sight here in the NW.

B & Q had a sale, 3 for 2 in the paint section, so saved over £15 on wood preserve and paint for the sheds, one happy bunny.

On such a nice day, didn't feel much like painting though so had a general tidy round and did some potting up.  


Oh no, snow again this morning brrrr


It was lovely yesterday, got lots done in the flower garden. Raining today, was going to work in veggie garden. It will have to be greenhouse.


north manchester powder snow . sunny now still got the wind chill. got my mower working .yipee .worrking pm ps went the post office great views of heaton pk in the sun 



WManchester was below freezing again first thing today, but some brightness. Then it tried to snow again!!

By mid morning was brighter, but freezing in that wind. Got a lot of little jobs done out there & the washing was nearly dry.

Soil very dry though & am having to regularly water the big pots of permanent plants. J.

Highland Jeannie

About -8c overnight, then beautiful sunshine again.  In the shady part it reached +8c & a touch of snow on the bed still, (& frozen solid) but I was working in the sun - dunno what the temp was but seemed quite warm (T-shirt & sweatshirt). The soil there is quite dry , had to water a few more pots today.

In the west & down near Fort William there's moorland fires because the heather is so dry. -Yes it is Scotland in April!!



Hi all
picture taken at sunset 8:00 after a warn day hopefully the first of many

Spent the past7 hrs on my allotment, ahh the peace .


This part of the NW must have your sun, Jo, as it was another lovely day, no rain or wind and the sky was a meditrainean blue with white cloud this evening. 

The longer evening has made such a difference, got home from work and there was still a couple of hours daylight left to enjoy the garden.  

Hope it's nice on Saturday, going to the Nationalno gardening for me.   

Cornwall. Lovely sunshine, freezing wind and hard frosts at night. Lovely starry skies.

Cannot do much outside except clearing up dead growth and weeds.