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Peat B

April 20, 1200hrs.  will go down in history as a day of starting off beautifully, peerless sky, slight breeze and warm enough to have brekky on the front bench ! 3 hours later, grey, overcast, cold , gathering breeze and looks like heavy weather coming in from the far west.


Viking, Forties Cromarty Forth Tyne Dogger, visiblity good, wind backing from west to south west. Gales imminent !   I'm off to the shed for a drink !

Lovely sunny and cold last night though
Highland Jeannie

Hmph  just got driven in by rain, so having a bite before hoping to finish the trellis .

Sunny start, & looking brighter again now. fingerscrossedsmiley!


Full sun this morning, now sun and cloud, 14° in shade but was warm enough for lunch outside in the sun. I've been away (in England) and house sitter told me it was 25° on Wednesday.

Peat B

Cooled off a bit since last report. nearly 1/2 5 and it is still breezy, but not as cool. It's about 10c, but well withn working temperatures even in Northumber-lalaland.


The potty gardener

It has been absolutely beautiful all day on south coast. I've had to water everything as we haven't had rain for a while


Everybody had a busy w/end outside then?

Saturday was working in t-shirt weather, even in the NWest! Yesterday was duller & cooler, but no real rain until late on.

Today has been quite dull & cool with yet again another stiff breeze out there. Drizzling now. Washing dried ok though. J.

Peat B

Changeable weather, windy at first, cool-ish, dull to beguinia with, and then the wind dropped suddenly. Up in the greenhouse, throwing out trays of 'seed compost' which got overwatered, and the seeds rebelled, uppped and dies in the swamp conidtions. One miserable sweat pea, and it looks MIZZ !

Drying out the swamp under cover, outside the green house, and having a very mery drink under cover with the missus, laughing wor fool heeds orft. 


Love gardening, me !


Stockton dull mixed cloud with a couple of brief rays of sunshine. Yesterday did not get into double figures a cold wind, today it may just creep into double.
Peat I love gardening too although I garden to the weather so no seed set yet as we are told we get frost back at the weekend. At times we have to be very patient.


There is always something, walking past a window I saw a flash of golden yellow so checked. The Forsythia is fully blooming and the sun was shining on it, yes the sun did arrive.
The bush hides next doors garage although slightly out of the sight line from the window, it certainly cheered me up.


Peat B

Hi Frank,   Alnwick dull, chilly, windy, uninspiring and not a good day to sow parsnips, beetroot of any fine seeds !  They'd be broadcast immediately !

Frogspawn is bubbling away in t'pond, birds shredding the hanging baskets for nesting material, and I am in the hoose, packing ceramic figures for sending out tomorrow.

It's good to be indoors, I tremble to say. 


Peat. I think the weather front is hovering just above us and Alnwick will be right under it, you could move.
Went out feeling sunny came back with a cloud over me, Satander, no longer one of my banks fought tooth and nail to keep me from closing down, I won.
My lodger the little dog from next door is flat out in a sunbeam shining on the carpet, no wonder he never wants to go home when they come from work.


Sun sun and more sun. Have been to allotment this morning and even put sun cream on my face. !st time this year.


Sun and cloud in Dordogne 18°.



Sun first thing today. Clouded over by early afternoon for the rest of the day. Warm though, much less wind & from a better direction.

Spent a good day doing all sorts outside. We still need more rain though as ground still very dry in places. J.


north manchester bright day, warm .could get a light frost tonight . got tubs ready and a tidy .then to work , lots to do happy st georges day 


Kent was a beautiful gorgeous spring day, warm winds and hot sun all afternoon. Got stonking loads done since I'm work next five days  and took delivery of breeze-blocks, bark chippings and gravel for retaining wall and mulching.

Blackbirds nesting same as last year, robins underneath them, blue-tits somewhere tho I haven't yet discovered where, loads of bees buzzing around and a tom cat who looks at me as though I'm on his turf !

All I need now is a hedgehog or some toads and I'd be all set for a slug free summer  

P.S and the best news of all, I just got an allotment that I'm going to be sharing with me dad. I'm so happy.

Stockton, started cloudy in fact went quite dark I thought we would get a storm now the sun is shining, part cloud part clear.
Wintersong, good luck with the allotment, still time to get a crop in Autumn and plenty of salad.


Another hot,sunny day in the Chilterns - good day at the allotment, everything coming through - parsnips,beet root,peas, all showing now, and cauliflower,broccoli and primo plants just gone in. Last of the Desiree go in tomorrow.
This is what gardening's all about!