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Stockton, started cloudy in fact went quite dark I thought we would get a storm now the sun is shining, part cloud part clear.
Wintersong, good luck with the allotment, still time to get a crop in Autumn and plenty of salad.


Another hot,sunny day in the Chilterns - good day at the allotment, everything coming through - parsnips,beet root,peas, all showing now, and cauliflower,broccoli and primo plants just gone in. Last of the Desiree go in tomorrow.
This is what gardening's all about!

WManchester- dull most of the day, actually brighter now. Got to 15-16C this afternoon.

Both coldframes now open all day & 'just' overnight. That looks as if it'll all change for this w/end. J.

The potty gardener

Had a mist here all day- would have been nice just a little inland, we often seem to get mist which hangs around all day.

Stockton dull wet and warm.




A typical April day here. Brilliant sunshine one minute, chucking it down the next.....

Shall I risk the washing again? Am off down to greenhouse to continue with 'jobs'. Probably end up with 'muddy' handprints all over stuff as I have to dash to get it back inside. J.

Cloud, rain with the odd dash of sunshine!


Frost tomorrow night in my area. Well, forecast is temperatures down to 2C and as we are in an exposed area that means a good chance the flowers on my dwarf plum and Bramley will get nipped, so out with the fleece. 

When i did this last year my new neighbours had a shock when they looked out of their bedroom window late evening after dark and saw what looked several white ghostly figures floating gently in a light breeze! 

derrick hammer

Hail ,rain and sunshine and its cool at this time and a over night frost .its time to get the fleece out agian , or put what i can in the cold frame if there room.


north manchester some sunshine and blustery showers just put bicks on the cold frame to hold it down . 


Yep that wind is increasing again. It was pleasant in the greenhouse, sowing & repotting things. I even sat out with a cuppa, protected by the open shed door.

Washing now back inside, pretty well dry, but yet another recent sharp shower sent me scurrying out to rescue the last bits. Typical April really. J.

A nice sunny day here, blue skies and white cloud with no wind.

Plastic GH is full to bursting with germinating seeds. Mooli's enjoying the cool weather, sown only last week, several rows of seedlings have come up, under glass in a raised bed. Trying three different varieties this year, going for different, white and black.    

Stockton, very wet, very windy, very sunny, in around five minute cycles, very frustrating.

Ailsa Craig Tomato plants have roots outside the pot, Shirley nearly there and sweet tumbler also showing root at the base so time to set them in the large pots although I put pot and all in until they settle then plant them up.
Sweet peas need nipping, beans need to be out but too cold, pepper still needs some warmth, when will we be able to get cracking I ask.



8 degrees, windy and now raining in S.Yorks. So much to do and can't get at it. So frustrating.

derrick hammer

just had a hail storm, the second with in the hour . Looks like i will not be going in the garden now and the weather for the rest of the weekend not the best 



Yes hail here at 3pm, now lovely and sunny...reminds me of that song

Hello Mother, hello Father....Allan Sherman I think.


Sun & showers & a strong wind in both NEast Derbyshire this morning & WManchester this afternoon.

Tomorrow should be better & am out all day!

So whatever Wed's weather throws at us I shall be doing something outside/inside greenhouse......... J.


Do you really want to know?! One word: lousy!

Jo, got a lot done today even though it came in quite cold this afternoon.

Stockton was mainly sunny and warm out of the easterly wind and the watering can had to come into use as the hose is frost damaged.



All fleeced up for tonight.  Too cold and windy to do anything non-essential. Thursday looking better.