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Stockton on Tees, woke to bright sunshine, opened both ends of the greenhouse to let a breeze through and everything looks very healthy.
I often wonder if later sowings do not get on much better than the early ones. Double figures temp so no complaints.



Raining in Dordogne. But needed after last weeks 25°

Bev, you are not the only one although wearing a sundress in my case may give the neighbours the wrong idea.
I have a suntrap spot at the bottom of the garden and sat awhile enjoying the sun with Sonny the Jack Russel Corgi at my feet, very relaxing apart from seeing all the jobs that need doing.


LOL. Frank.Picturing you in a sun dress has brightened up my day

Bright and sunny here. It was blue skies and white cloud at 6.30pm. The GH plants had a water. Lots of stuff beginning to germinate in the plastic GH and the allotmenteers are beginning to wake up, it was a hive of activity out there this evening.    



We actually reached 16C yesterday! Wasnt able to garden, but intend to do so today.

Bright sun from the word go so far. Have opened up the coldframes & fed the birds. Lots to do out there & in greenhouse if the predicted showers arrive. J.


yesterday turned out to be a scorcher it ws reading 31 in my greenhouse no wind blue skies and sunshine.. and today looks like going to be the same..

really need some rain down here.. my 6 waterbutts are now very low and only another few days of watering in them. we have not had rain for weeks and weeks now.. acutally dont think we have had any since start of the month.


oh sorry we are in may now.. so start of april.. oooh the time does fly doesnt it.

Zoomer cross dressing is not me although on Sunday I will wear a PINK tie, the first and very last time for as short a time possible whilst trying to keep my wedding breakfast down, Take the photo's now as it is a very short window.
My Daughter is getting married and having got me all sorted out with much reluctance on my part came up with all the men in PINK ties??? Why???
I have a feeling my wedding speech will show "I am not amused" and may need several beers disguised as Champagne to keep me happy.

Stockton fine sunny and warm, greenhouse open both ends and when I finish the wedding speech, remove all the swear words, I will be out there enjoying it.


Stockton started dull now the sun is shining doors and windows open and greenhouse very warm.
You would think the plants in there had never had any set back and the tomato's need stakes already.
Nature heals herself.



north manchester frost at 5.00am .sunny hot after 9.0 great day caught the sun.. heres to a great weekend . . clear skys here cover all plants to night . 

The potty gardener

Have a lovely day on Sunday Frank. You will probably forget you have a pink tie on.

flowering rose

beautiful sunny day spent in the garden doing all the things you can do when the weather turns lovely.Sitting watching the wood pigeons making a nest in the hawthorn tree and their antics to fit the sticks in the nest end flying off to tug at twig on the apple tree.The magpie s are building their nest too in the same place as last year,the crow took all the chicks as the magpies took the wood pigeons but to sit and watch and enjoy the garden in this lovely weather,long may it last.

Bev Pounsett-Krynauw wrote (see)

Have a lovely day on Sunday Frank. You will probably forget you have a pink tie on.

Will do Bev, I have been ordered to, Girls are made off sugar and spice and all things nice? they forgot to mention the steel frame, iron will, the solid brick wall that goes up when they will not take no for an answer, we just obey, but a PINK tie is pushing it.

Stockton dull start now lovely sunshine and warm, double figures in the greenhouse which is full to bursting, we can still have frosts in this neck of the woods so some comes out and back in at night.

I need new stakes for the Tomato's and today, they are flying up having side shooted them twice already, Ailsa Craig this year the tomato I grew up with and still think the best tasting one, a few Shirley and tumblers as well of course.



From North Cornwall. A Brillant week so far. Lots of sunshine. Busy planting out broad beans that were started in the greenhouse. A colourful display of assorted tulips in pots. Spring as arrived at last.


It's been a gorgeous 34 C for the past week or so, my flowers and plants are super happy but my begonias (newly planted from corm) are wilting a bit, awwww

Highland Jeannie


In about February/March when everybody here was complaining about the snow I kept saying "None here, yet.  We'll probably get the lambing snow in late April/early May when the hill sheep lamb." 

Well, on the hills has come the snow & Ben Wyvis (about 3,400 ft) which we see from the back of the house had lost almost all of it's winter snow - now it's white again!

Last night I went out, we were roughly at sea level, the temp went down to 1c & it was sleeting!!  The lambs didn't look too chuffed either.

It's about 8c now & cloudy with the odd light shower, but a cold wind.  At this rate I'll be hardening things off still in August......


after a great thursday hot n sunny all day north manchester is cloudy chilly broken sunshine. to cold to sit outside . sunday lunch in the summer house looks like .

Sorry highland jennie

Its. Lovely and warm....almost hot....down here.  Your turn will come though.  We often get mists comimg over from the sea in summer so when you are having a heatwave we will be enduring these.

Not getting 34 degrees though swallows nest.

Hi All,

It's wet and windy in Greatstone New Romney too