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Highland Jeannie

Glad it's not just me jacqui!!

It warmed up later to about 10c but still showery so stayed in & put up pictures - been in the house 3 years in Sept & only put up a few.  The walls are now well & truly festooned (and himself didn't even bash his thumb ).

Temp reached 17 today.

Cloudier now


suns out now and a tad warmer  fingers crossed for the next few days . lots to do . 

Cold, dull and cloudy here for most of the day. 

Not yet commited to leaving seedlings out overnight as the temprature keeps dropping drastically but spuds in bags are all pushingn up shoots and doing well.

Highland Jeannie

What a difference a day (& a bit) makes!!

Friday early evening heavy rain & sleet, 1c.

Today late afternoon sunshine & 15c.

My poor babies out there are all confused.


HJ. My seedlings are just as confused, don't know whether to leave them out overnight or bring them in. We've had some warm days but the temp has plummeted at night.

Chillies, peppers and aubergines are still, ever so small, even though night temps have gotten warmer, only the toms are ready to be left out overnight.

Last year everything was twice the size 4 weeks ago    

Cold and dull here today.   

Blooming hot this pm.  

Hot and sunny all day. Just brought one tray of seedlings indoors this evening.


Had a busy few days over this w/end, but spent all of today in garden & most of yesterday, when it was far too hot to be in the greenhouse by afternoon, even with the door wide open. Pricking out did get done though, phew.

I sensibly did all my greenhouse related tasks first thing today. More seeds sown & various houseplants sorted out. Lawn cut, some planting of container grown plants too.

It actually reached 22+C at about 5pm in my back garden in WManchester.

Have 2 coldframes full to bursting & the bedroom windowsills & porch too, but we're due to get colder again by end of the week, so the shuffling around of things now on hold & the fleece is ready! J.


Not as hot and sunny as the forecast suggested. Managed to pull a lot of duckweed and other stuff from the pond surface, could hardly see any water and most of the fun is about looking in there.

afternoon is GH time, it gets some shade from about 3pm. Everything growing like mad.

By mid afternoon it was hot to garden here, got stuff done in the morning and late afternoon.

Sounds like you had a busy day Jo. I left everything out this evening with temps only going down to 10C I'm taking my chances. Also planted out lots of veggies which have been growing in the plastic GH. 



Yesterday was a bit of everything,we left Stockton bathed in sunshine and went off to Helmsley, Pickering Whitby seeing rain, sun, dull, bright and back to Stockton sunshine.

Stockton today bright and sunny, lawns done and dusted, shopping finished and sonny the dog enjoyning the garden in the sun.
Toms are flying up, beans and peas have had more support the Pieris Forest Flame is in full colour with the Tulips as the Daf's and Primroses as last fade away, we seem to be catching up on the lost month.


Stephen W

It's been a very windy day here in Dartford Kent, i was worried about all the blossom on my fruit trees but all seems well but interestingly we have had a large number of birds-mainly starlings feasting on bugs and insects that have fallen to the ground due to the winds so a silver lining in the way of food for the birds and also getting rid of unwanted pest's (I think!!!)

The potty gardener

We have had bright sunshine all day. I was waiting for the rain and wind we had forecast but it never came.


Wet and windy here so I went to Hayes GC at Ambleside with a friend. Didn't get to see the plants outside due to the rain but we had a late lunch in the cafe before going onto Lakeland Plastics.

I've always wanted to make proper pastry, learn how to bake and make real bread. It was one of life's pleasures as a child watching my mum bake, make cakes and scraping the mixing bowl out afterwards. Also wanted to do something more imaginative with stuff grown in the garden this year other than pasta dishes, bakes and gratins.

So came home armed with a couple of books on how to make pies and baking, plastic containers to freeze stuff in, a rolling pin, ceramic balls (for the flans I'm gonna make with all that home grown produce ), yeast and various tin foil containers to make pies and bake bread in .  

Wish me luck, if it's a wet weekend I'm gonna have a baking day.

Highland Jeannie

Glorious here; light breeze, sunshine & the odd cloud.  The tulips all look happy!!

Stockton sunny although windy, nice and warm, greenhouse open and Sonny the little dog wet. He was chasing the water as I filled the cans and knocked a plant pot over so I soaked him he will not do it twice.

Zoomer, Pastry is so easy to make I put my brain out of gear doing it. All three types are used here sweet spicy and raised, these days I do cheat using the mixer. My lot will all be here tomorrow eating their way through my food. They should not be hungry after the big meal at the wedding last Sunday, gannets have nothing on them.



Wet, but not anywhere as windy (gales) as yesterday, thank goodness. No damage done. About 10C outside at the mo.

The garden looks very 'lush' now, still the odd late Narcissus out, but after the dry spell lots of my spring bulbs went over very quickly. My Tulip pots have perked up & the 'rogue' ones in various borders are all up & out as usual. I dont ever try to comp[ost old tulip bulbs now!!

I have made a note of what should be starting as it's so late this yr. So easy to forget. J.


Highland Jeannie

Only light breeze again & after a glorious start went for a walk round an open garden.

Didn't take coats - bad move!!  The showers started gently at first then as we chatted to the gardeners it got heavier & heavier until they fled indoors & we made haste for the car!!

Got home, it was completely dry there,  but the rain soon started.

As you say, Jo it's very "lush" out there now, but we still have lots of daffies still out & the tulips in pots are super.