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Stockton today another warm sunny day until now, cooling down a bit and wind getting up although a very good weekend all round.
Did not get much done in the garden today, daughter brought the wedding DVD's so we watched them then cut a load of extra discs on my laptop.
The old machine did the job well so I am asking myself why buy a new one?


Over the weekend we had two days of sunshine, so planned to plant out courgettes and squash today but it's rained all day. Beginning to think this is not going to be a good year for growing veg. 


Sunny and windy (listen... Oh no it's dropped... No there it is again).

Quite balmy at times, and when the wind drops it's quite hot again. Washing dried really quickly, and the frogs have been searching out the shady bits of the water feature.

We have three frogs. How did that happen? Well, I do know... But how did they get into our tiny water feature, miles from any other stretch of water? Amazingly their names are Bob, Trevor and Gloria. ( I had no idea they had names but my grandchildren told me this today!!!) I tried to photograph them (the frogs) but the result at first just shows the rocks in the pool... Then suddenly he's there. This one's Bob.


Another lovely day!


Another lovely day in Kent although I had to work the latter half.

Still chilly when the sun goes down but mostly the flowerbeds are responding, just got to hope the veg stuff has a decent chance to get going.


Wet, very. Outdoor tomatoes looking rather unhappy compared with the indoor ones. Too pale, not enough growth.



Wet, wet, wet today.

Am now going to leave both the coldframes wide open 24hrs.... otherwise things will never be hardened off.

At w/end Daughter planted out the courgettes that I'd grown for her, plus cloche for extra cover to start with as not fully hardened off my end, but just getting too big to transport easily.

She gave me some rather anaemic French bean plants that she'd grown. Hmm, hope they cope- still in my coldframe for the time being. J.

It's a glorious day today.  Warm and sunny.

Love to get out Imto the garden but it's my volunteering day.  Just hate being indoors when sun is shining.

Later I will plant out helenium moerheim beauty and sahins early flowerer and a little choice salvia called Cacalifolia.  Not in same area though....moisture for heleniums and dry for salvia.



Raining here, but good for the garden and brings the Blackbirds out to play


Don't know what's happening with my photos again but I called Bob (pictured - and see yesterday's 20:19 post) back for another photo shoot.  


it is hammering it down here today.. started later than the billed 5am.. coming in at 8amish.. no wind not a breath of it today.. and we had such a good weekend very hot and sunny and blue skies all three days.. not a cloud in the sky.. then this..


that said.. it is very good to ahve the rain my water butts were empty fo the second time this year.. all bar one which was down to the last few water cans full,

Wet Wet and Wet. My waterbutts were on the way to empty so now they are full again. Think the rain is with us for the week


Heavy showers of rain with occasional brighter spells,glad I managed to plant most things out over the  weekend,which was warm and sunny for all three days.


Bob is sweet, Birdy. I clicked on the pic and got a good close up.

It's rained all day here. It was raining at 7am and still raining when I got in from work at 6pm.

Stuff hardened off outside has been brought back in as their trays are getting water logged. Can't complain, at least the ground has got a much needed soak, and mooli growing in a rasied bed, is loving this weather...makes a mental note to thin it out tomorrow if the rain stops...


Blue skies in Devon!! :O

Shame I'm in the office!


Rain here too - it always was a bit risky voicing our enjoyment - of the sunshine (I'm keeping my voice down!!!) 


Raining again in WManchester. Started mid afternoon.

It did start dry, but dull, so a group of us had a good walk along the nearby canal & in the local woods without getting wet.

Have lived here & nearby for over 30yrs & today was a first for me. More to explore soon. J.