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Rain here for most of the day but it was fine when I got home so tied in some plants which had gone a little droopy and I've put twine around the spuds to stop them flopping over. Spuds are looking good, planted out the last lot at the weekend.

Walked right past the mooli and not thinned it out.

All told perhaps it's not going to be a such a bad season for veg, everything's picked up after two days of rain.   

Highland Jeannie

Sorry , it's been glorious sunshine all day. Shorts & sun top (back now a bit pink...)

Am now worried that my anti vine weevil nematodes have dried up, I watered them in well last Wednesday & have been away since & it's been dry.  Oh well, fingers crossed!!


Been cold here today - has looked quite nice until you're outside the door, then the wind chill hits you. 

Outdoor thermometer (on west facing window) says 18°C at present. Strangely, yesterday was about 26-28°C here, but later , weather programme reported the SE as being quite cold - yet I was in shirtsleeves mowing the lawn. Scorching hot at times! 

Shorts and t-shirt weather here, a few clouds in the sky but mainly sunny and hot.

Pea's and beans were finally planted out and the mooli was thinned.

Framed netting seemed like a good idea at the time and I'm sure I'll be glad it's there when butterflies eventually surface but it wasn't the easiest of tasks propping the frames up to hoe and pick veg.

I feel a baking day coming on tomorrow Frank. I've loads of rubarb and the gooseberry bush is ready for it's first pickings.  


Zoomer44 - (... carefully ignoring references to better weather than we had here! ) ... I'm interested to hear your gooseberries are ready for picking. Is that early,  or are mine just a bit late? They are in partial shade of a slightly wayward Victoria plum tree - perhaps that's why they're a bit small to pick yet?

... or have you been feeding them? It took me years to realise that plants need food just like we do! (hangs head..!)   

Ah!  Sun's out again. Must prune that wayward Plum tree - have been waiting for this moment for months.




Just copied and pasted - thought it had worked first time - but on my screen it posted successfully then reverted to unopenable icons. 


Weather here sunny with a bit of wind chill and occasional clouding over.

Great for drying the washing!

Another warm and sunny day. 

Was out in shorts and t-shirt again

Birdy. If the sun comes out to play it's in the garden all day here.

The gooseberry bush is by a 4ft fence, didn't get much off it last year as it was covered in blackfly and had to take off a lot of the shoots. Must be keen to fruit this year,  me thinks it's about right time for picking - June. The fruit is various sizes, some quite large, some small. If the big fruits picked now the plant puts more energy into the smaller fruit and you get two pickings.  

It did get a good mulch of well rotted horse muck about March time, along with the currant bushes and alpine strawberries, all in the same bed. Red and white currants are looking good and the strawberries are in flower



Thanks for the feedback Zoomer. Just looked again at gooseberries and although bigger than I thought they still look a bit small to pick, (the biggest being 13.5mm across diameter by 21.4mm length! (Very precise, I know, but I happened to have an electronic gooseberry measuring device handy!) 

I didn't feed them when I should so it's only my own fault!

Weather's fantastic here in Norfolk today. Had to shade the greenhouse (nearly 250   potted up plug plants to protect.  


Sunny all day in Nottingham 


Another good day here in WManchester. Ok it clouded over late afternoon, but was still comfortable to sit & watch the birds at the feeders.

My gooseberries have already got a nice lot of fruit & the sawfly grubs have struck!! Have had a good couple of sessions of grub collection & stamping/sqishing this w/end & today. J.

Another sunny day. 

Spent a few hours in the garden this evening, only went out to water the plants.Ended up planting out geraniums and clearing the herb garden of weeds.



Highland Jeannie

Now the visitors have gone the weather's turned cloudy - still at least they had lovely weather whilst they were here.

Forecast cloudy for tomorrow too.  Time for lots more planting!

It's getting warmer here by the day, Friday is forcast the warmest day of the year.

Took the oportunity to sun bath during my lunch hour, went for a walk in the park and then just sat taking in the rays.

The garden pots got a good watering this evening.   


Lovely, had to do potting on under sun brolly...eek..eek 


Finished pruning my neglected Victoria plum.

Have a mountain of branches to dump  but at least I can at last see sunlight  fresh air (although fewer plums)!through the whole tree at last.

Should crop better from now on, as long as it is grateful for what I have done for it!