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Woodgreen wonderboy

I have been working on my garden in preparation for the open day next Sunday. What I need now is some sun to let me finish off the many jobs still to do, and some rain to freshen things up. Oh yes, and a lovely day on the 16th. What are my chances?


Birdy Yes it has been cold here too.


north manchester sunny and some cloud.  warm . this is tropical for manchester

Here in this part of the NW it's been hot and sunny. Looks like rain now.

Picked my first strawberry of the year, it was ever so yummy,must stop myself now from picking any more until there's a bowl full.

Shall wing the sunshine to you Ww ready for 16th.

Highland Jeannie

Cloudy this morning. Just as we arrived at an open garden the sun came out; it was very warm sitting eating cake .

Lovely sunny evening now.


Zoomer starts to think about all the straweberry cheese cake coming her way


NEast Derbyshire was grey & a bit nippy first thing this morning. Lovely drive back over to sunny WManchester.

It's actually been dry here for several days, so tomorrow's expected rain is needed. J.


Somerset..........dull but warm day,brilliant sunshine earlier this eveningn ,rain forecast overnight.


fine warm sunny day in north manchester (the torquay of the north)


Cloudy all day in Nottingham.  OH just got back from  being indoors all day in Manchester.

Hot and sunny again here in the NW, how much longer will it last . 

Everything in the garden has put on growth and looking lush so on the strength of that I've sown more veggies and was thinking of starting next years strawberries off.

Woodgreen wonderboy

The grass in the local meadows is growing 3 inches evey day !!!


north manchester dull some drizzle but warm .trying to brighton up 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Mizzley, drizzley and cool. More rain forecast for tomorrow then some sun please.


Quite muggy in East Anglia at times - warm and needing rain, but it didnt happen.



It was actually sunny first thing today & quite breezy, but humid. Hadnt been a cool night, it was still 17C out there at 11pm last night.

Now it's steady rain, which we do need. Patio pots all on 'saucers', expect will need to remove those tomorrow sometime. J.


It hasn't stopped raining all day and quite windy too.


north manchester light rain for the last hour. much needed though


In S.Yorks about 17C all day, bit of sun. Only 13C overnight. Clouded over at 5pm looked like much needed rain on the way. Few spots and now bright again. Breeze getting up, so few spots of rain haven't done anything.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Dryish this morning so got some garden tidying done. Then rain, so off to Bournemouth for fish and chips as a treat.