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Warm, humid day here in North Notts and now light showers so no need to water anything tonight.


Just heard local news weather forecast 40 to 50mph winds tomorrow afternoon in S. Yorks, so it's out in the morning tying runners in well, checking climbers and moving pots from exposed areas. Suppose that's the end of the peony flowers.

Lucky you KEF my Peonies are still in bud bar one, the very old one, older than me has flowered and gone with its huge ruby blooms, I love it.
Stockton today mixed although warm we were sitting outside in the garden at my grandsons birthday party, it was all lovely a grand family get together "oh" and cake.



Palaisglide, I have two peonies both the same and they came from my Mum in laws when she died 16yrs ago, my hubby says they previously came from his grandad's garden, hubby is 60. I was doubtful that they would accept being transplanted.

They are big, dark ruby and lovely. I'm just so happy I managed to keep them. I always refer to them as "your peonies" when talking to my sweet?   No it's just that everything else is mine...joking


East Anglia.

Breezy earlier, wth some sun - washing dred in no time around lunchtime. 

Now very blustery, But not cold ... yet! Noted other reports on this thread of winds. I reckon it's working up to something much stronger here;  maybe a thunderstorm? Certainly we need some rain.


It's rained here in the NW, on and off for most of the day. Garden got a good soak, it was fine when I got home so sowed more seeds. 


dull  dark skys . more  rain for north manchester water butts need it though . the sun ill come out tomorrow 


gery lots of cloud sowers forecast work today so i don't mind


Stockton a bit of everything today, sunny when I went out coming back along the back lanes a total cloud burst, flash floods, water running along the road like a river.
I got to my drive and sat in the car until it was over now the sun is out again.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Autumnal... leaves off trees, plants snapping... I don't know

It's been a cracker here.  Not sure if other parts down here had it but it has been gloriously sunny and very warm...bit breezy but that's ok.  Cut lawns and tidied a bit

The potty gardener

Came out lovely here this afternoon. Very windy but still warm. Finally planted out a chrysanthemum I got weeks ago


Very,very windy,poor little plants getting blown over 


17C bit breezy but sunny, had a few drops of rain about 1.30pm. Had been out this morning tying in climbers, moving pots, preparing for the thunder, hail and gales that we were told were coming. Just watched BBC local weather news, apparently where we live we've had torrential rain this afternoon and gales. Not complaining about weather being good but what is happening with the weather forecasts & reports?



In Nottingham, all right this morning,  monsoon this afternoon. i won't need to water the plants in.


geting the four seasons now in north manchester  rain and bright sunshine

just had hail



Yesterday was very windy, some gusts so strong was unwilling to risk hardening off my snapdragons outside. They just had to get on with it in an opened up greenhouse.

Today much calmer: sunny, gentle almost balmy breezes. Should be able to get more done.


Winds have dropped slightly,fairly warm,but a fine drizzle falling at the moment,heavy rain forecast mid morning


It was dryish when I walked down to the hospital this morning. Light rain when I returned, but difficult to hold the umbrella with the wind.

We've just had several thunder claps & very heavy rain. It's going ominously dark again as I type. J.