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Has been nice although  more overcast now and breezy. A bit cooler. Still quite pleasant to work in or sit outside.

Woodgreen wonderboy

beautiful now and soon off to village green to hear local swing band concert for local charity, and picnic, and wine, and cake

Was lovely but now raining and windy.

Woody....that's a hard life you have


No rain at ,although forecast,have needed to go out to water as the wind has dried everything out.

Almost two days of rain. Was beginning to think there might have been a hose pipe ban here if the sunshine had lasted till the weekend.

Hope it's dry tomorrow. Off to a local summer fair to see big trucks, steam trains  and other fun things for children. Think there's even a lawn mower race, the ticket was a gift, really looking forward to it  




That sounds fun Zoomer.

Today, WManchester is sunshine & showers. Lots of black clouds around. The heavy rain yesterday will have helped to top up my water butt, I hope. J.

Zoomer, that's my kind of day too.

Heavy showers early but nice now. Expected to see,lupins and delphiniums down but they are fine

Hope it's sunny....or at least dry...Woody


Windy morning with some nice sunny spells but have just come in to avoid heavy rain, thunder and hail..  Shed needs tidying though - always something garden related to do no matter what the weather!


Sun this morning ,now heavy rain ,and I mean HEAVY,grey skies and windy,needed the rain,bur could do without the wind.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi V., showers this morning and amazingly windy for this time of year. Sunny now. Irises have had a bit of a battering.


Norfolk: Blue sky start (6:15) then gradually got windier and windier. Sun replaced by clouds and showers then a lot of rain for a lot of the afternoon.

Only started clearing up about an hour ago.

Quite bright and ('innocently' ) sunny now!

A lot cooler here in the NW with showers this evening.

Won't be going back to the same fair again next year, after an hour the children wanted to go back to the car, 2 hrs was really pushing it, so, it was off to Walling's Ice Cream parlour. Their apple pie flavoured ice cream is to die for, wasn't impressed with Adam's bubblegum flavour but toffee crunch was a hit



been over to macclesfield to day come back this evening  to some  wind damage here in  north manchester .northing to harsh . nice and sunny macc way

Highland Jeannie

Cloudy & fairly warm this morning, sun came out in the afternoon & the sky's clear-ish now.  Only a little breeze.


Stockton has just had a right royal downpour, it rattled the windows, the rest of the day was not too bad, some wind, must have been the peas I was eating out of the pods!!!


Dry at the moment and a bit cloudy in Havering, at least the wind has dropped. 


Norfolk: Lovely start here, bit breezy but fresh after all yesterday's rain and not at all cold. Strawbs and goosegogs loving it.

It must have been the hottest day of the year here in the NW. It was forecast rain but the showers stayed away.

Been at a Christening today and afterwards we sat out in the garden all afternoon, home now and it's to hot to sit out.