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Highland Jeannie

Warm, bit cloudy, occasional sun.  Fine for pottering.


Turned out nice - just like the morning promised.

Stockton on Tees was dour and looking like a storm this morning now we have clear sky and sunshine, it is around 20 degrees at the moment.
This is a quick break then out to attack the weeds that come from nowhere, Tomato's will get a top up of compost, I can see the ground roots, the Strawberriy's are coming on nicely and the rest of the garden looks as if it never had a set back.
Nature cures herself.



19C+ at the mo, W of Manchester. Warm, humid & mainly cloudy.

Busy morning, lunch out, some shopping & am about to go & cut the lawn.

Tomorrow a trip to Bodnant garden. J.


Another warm day, cloudy this morning but got brighter as the day went on.

Bodnant Garden looks like a nice day out.   


Norfolk: Been dry all day, still breezy enough to dry out some of the pots I'm hardening off.

Stockton, wall to wall sunshine, sorted the tomato's yesterday, those side shoots creep up while you are not watching, topped them up with compost and have some tomato's on the Ailsa Craig with plenty of blossom on all.
The weeds got a good seeing to, this weather suits them too well but I did get a sit down and look round, a mistake as you see all the things that need doing.



35°C in the shade expected by lunchtime, 32 right now (10am) (wipe sweaty brow smiley!).

Woodgreen wonderboy

Very p;easnt evening, sitting outside with glass of something. Very heavy rain overnight and plants seem to have dobled in size whilst I have been out.


Norfolk: Been quite warm even to being pretty muggy for most of day.

Been weeding in very dry earth - loads of couch and ground elder 

Threatened rain but none came, so had to water everything - that'll do it !

Woodgreen wonderboy

Warm, humid, a day for enjoying the garden... maybe a gentle potter around but definitely no lifting.


warm sunny and humid.. not a breath of air wanywhere..

its gonna be hot one

Stockton is sunshine all the way, looking after next doors garden this week everything in pots so having to keep up with the watering as they dry out fast.
I will find time to sit contemplate my naval and enjoy the sun though.


The potty gardener

Humid this morning then turned out bright hot sunshine this afternoon


A scorcher day.

I registered for the Lancashire cycle challenge on Monday but it was far to hot go out this evening so reorganised the GH, took out some shelving and repositioned all the pots. Finished planting up the bed with peppers (tall), cues and a variety of beans called yard long noodles, best grown in a GH, we shall see... .


Norfolk: too hot and airless to work until evening. Then cool enough to dig and rake some manure into my raised beds ready for late showings of beans and  salad.

Very satisfying seeing the dried, spent soil becoming darker and richer again.


Very wet at the moment,more forecast for next few days

But the garden needs it even if I don,t.

Rained most of the day here in the NW.

Cut some sweet pea and foxglove to bring indoors this afternoon,  I didn't expect foxglove to grow so tall, some are over 5ft and bee's are drawn to them like a magnet. I've lots of bee's in the garden but no ladybirds.


Very very very W..........indy.