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Strong and cool wind. Rained again overnight..had enough now!


Norfolk: Blustery but not cold - so washing went out - so it rained! 

Then washing got wet then dried again. Presently sun is out but clouds still threaten. About to tempt them by doing some gardening. 

Wet and windy... 


north manchester wet and windy 


Just back in from watching son at the bowls they got beat and on the way in looking at my front garden it's had a right battering from the wind heads off the digitalis,geraniums,incarvillea snowdrop and hanging baskets going round like the waltzer's. Dinner now then up to the bowling club to play my championship game if i won and son wins tonight we play each other in the next round that will be good never played each other in singles yet bring it on i tell him but he is really good 

The potty gardener

A funny sort of day. A bit windy but not that much. Was hot enough earlier for me to lie in garden enjoying it.Every now and again clouds came over but still not cold.



Norfolk: weather threatened all day to break but in the end I got a lot done: weeding, planting out, seeded some salad crops - oh! and the washing dried nicely.

Stockton yesterday, massive storms, water running down roads like rivers and as usual some local floods, glad I live on top of a hill.
Today sunshine and warm, now a lovely evening. Ate my first strawberriy's wonderful sharp taste makes your mouth water for more.
The bushes had a hair cut some weeding and general clear up feel satisfied so will go sit awhile outside, enjoy it whilst we can.



We had a wet day yesterday as well Frank. No gardening done. Wind strong too.

Today there was a small shower first thing, but now it has cleared up nicely. Been busy being Mrs Mop today, so havent actually done more than water in the greenhouse. I did take some pictures of some nice plant combinations that wont last. J.


Been in Northants since 2pm. Quite pleasant temp, bit of a breeze, sun was shining until I started this post a minute ago. Bit overcast now but clouds are high.

I've been in Carlisle today. They had it cool today, coming back on the train the sun was out and it looks to have been quite a lot warmer here in the NW.

I forgot to open the GH door this morning, won't be doing that again, some plants were looking very wilted this evening.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Perfect weather in Hants.(did you know Hampshire used to be called Hantshire until someone misspelled it!) Not too hot for mowing this morning, but warmer for sitting out later.

Woodgreen, Hampshire once got way too hot for me, spent a week putting heath fires out and it nearly got me, never knew how fast a flash fire could travel.
Bordon and surrounds were my stamping grounds once a huge military base.



Sunshine,blue skies.puffy white clouds and NO WIND!


Woodgreen, way back as I went back to the REME school in the 50-60-70's
Looking on Google, Martinique Barracks are long gone and the REME school a shadow of its former self.

Stockton today is brilliant sunshine with a mix of puffy white and a little blackish cloud.
My Cranes Bill was a swarm of bees all busy feeding, it is quite a large clump and needs thinning, around a large peony, they usually flower together and it is just happening, I have the deep red Peony surrounded by the purple blue Cranes Bill quite a sight.



Looks like another nice day - no rain, we need rain !!!, the water butts and my plants are all dry.

Will have to water the allotment tonight.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Frank, my Father was in the REME in WW2...Northern France, Dunkirk, Gib., D-Day+2, Arromanche (Mulberry Harbours) and Antwerp... lots of work in docks, as a citizen of Southampton.

Woodgreen, REME was formed in 1942 before that it was Royal Engineers, RASC, RAOC, and RA who all had their own mechanical sections. The desert war made them realise a different set up was required to keep everything rolling mainly the Armour. I was always armour from being forcibly transferred from the DLI to REME, kicking and screaming I may say as I wanted nothing to do with those scruffy grease monkeys. I suppose it was bl###y mindedness that made me get stuck in and reach ASM/ WO1.
During Suez I did serve briefly with a dock petrol supply company but they wanted me back with the Armour.

The sun shone all day in Stockton my washing dried on the line, the weeds and a nest of snails died a horrible death, they ate my string beans, the mint got divided into another bucket, I love mint sauce and the insects had a field day on the Cranes Bill and other plants, life at the moment is lovely.