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Woodgreen wonderboy

Frank, On second thoughts Dad was RE. He died when I was 16 so didn't get much chance to discuss such stuff with him, which is now lost of course.

As you say everything in the garden is rosy at present, literally as well. Good to discuss with you.  David

Warm and sunny here in the NW.

Gave the pots a good watering this evening and picked some strawberries.  


Dry, bright & sunny, quite mild.

Stockton fairly bright warm and muggy, the sun has just appeared shining through the south facing windows.
Nice surprise today the Peony's have flowered, the dark red one is underpinned with the Cranes Bill and is a complete picture. The Pink one is next to a Deutzia which is in full bloom with white flowers all next to a neatly trimmed Golden Privet stand alone shrub, a cloud of mixed colours, sorry i do not use colour cards.
Had my own strawberry's for tea last night and what was left in my porridge this morning, "ain't life lovely" well I think so.




Its been a quite a nice warm  sunny day  here in Bournemouth. Now its pouring with rain which will do the garden good.


Its raining !!! lots of lovely rain , my waterbutts are filling up and the allotment is getting watered - I am soooooooooooo happy


Wet, wet wet! ... But I have to echo Katiejane's sentiments.

Rained all day but what a lovely evening, blue skies and wispy white clouds.

The garden certainly needed some rain.  


in the sun 110 f    43.5c

in the shade 80 f   27c

too hot to do anything in south cumbria

flowering rose

Very hot in Bristol,even with a breeze.can not do any gardening today have to wait untill the evening .


Stifling today. Not just hot...29c but so humid. Had to garden today but nearly killed me 


mist this morning. had to put the headlights on the car at 8.30.

mist and cloud lifted at lunchtime. Now 29c and humid.

The potty gardener

Hot Hot Hot

Love it

Just lying out in sun is great- then a little deadheading, planting up and watering when it gets cooler

Highland Jeannie

Very pleasant here; quite hot & sunny but a fair bit of breeze.

Flying down to Gatwick tomorrow early afternoon - please can someone with authority ensure that the promised thunderstorms stay away from our plane!

NOT looking forward to a week in the humid SE!



bit cooler this morning, we are supposed to get heavy rain this afternoon and tomorrow and thursday so i might get a bit wet at tatton


The thunderstorm arrived just about 6am this morning. I shant be dashing out to remove pot saucers just yet......

Yes Tatton could be wet outside, & hot & steamy so unbearable in the marquees....... J.


hi jo how are you, are you going to Tatton ? we have rain but its not so heavy so the garden is getting it its not just running of.

are you in touch with any of the other boarders who went to harlow Carr



hot and dry today on the isle of wight.. not one drop of rain past my lawn last night.. not one and today we have had hot sunshine again... getting so fed up with it.. my poor hardy shrubs that have been on for 4 years are now starting to drop and whither.. need some rain now!!!


Thunderstorms started at 9pm last night until 10 am this morning. (Nottingham area) Got drenched going to work , only just dried out. The roads are lethal, with run off and huge puddles, and cars going far too fast for the conditions.

Every one of my buckets outside filled up on their own. every plant stood in a tray is now drowning and I will have to drain them all tonight.