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hot and dry today on the isle of wight.. not one drop of rain past my lawn last night.. not one and today we have had hot sunshine again... getting so fed up with it.. my poor hardy shrubs that have been on for 4 years are now starting to drop and whither.. need some rain now!!!


Thunderstorms started at 9pm last night until 10 am this morning. (Nottingham area) Got drenched going to work , only just dried out. The roads are lethal, with run off and huge puddles, and cars going far too fast for the conditions.

Every one of my buckets outside filled up on their own. every plant stood in a tray is now drowning and I will have to drain them all tonight.

Oh, it's another sunny day of 27C and forecast 13C tonight, fairly normal really. I think we had 2 or 3 mm of rain about a month ago. Our annual daily averages are mostly in the range of about 24C to 35C over the average year. It is really easy to put up with and if the nightly Temp gets down to say 8C it is damm cold and everybody complains. Yep life in Carnarvon North West Australia is quite bearable. We didn't have a river (Gascoyne) last summer (Cyclone Season), so the plantation owners are eagerly waiting for next summer to see if they can have their bore water, or have to pay for scheme water. I hope you English people quote your temperatures in centigrade and not the old fashioned Fahrenheit.

little-ann wrote (see)

hi jo how are you, are you going to Tatton ? we have rain but its not so heavy so the garden is getting it its not just running of.

are you in touch with any of the other boarders who went to harlow Carr


Hi Ann, good to see you're still on boards. Off to Tatton Thursday when forecast is awful, so far.....

Plus daughter, new owner of a 'soggy bottom' SW facing, neglected big plot, & photographer OH who has also recently become a fanatical veg plot digger- not my plot I might add!

Eddie & Joan on TAPS, so sometimes communicate with them there.

It's sunny here now. Have actually removed some of the pot saucers, but left several in place as tomorrow could be dry & warm again. Am off out walking, so hat, insect repellent etc at the ready. J.


Well once again no rain at all.. just more sunshine. Still got two loads washing dried today. They got some in ryde.. but me nothing.. fed up now.. cant water anymore... the meter has been going mad over last few weeks.




once again promised rain all night and nothing thrid night on the trot not a drop to be had.. my garden is now dying and i cannot afford to water it anymore as the meter has been going crazy and i dread the bill next month...


Since my water butts ran out a couple of weeks ago I have been showering with the plug in the bath, then using the water for my plants. But last night it rained lots and the butts are 2/3 full


My water butts still pretty well empty, so metered tap water/recycled kitchen 'grey' water now.

We got hot at Tatton! Wellies stayed in carboot & so did waterproof coats after our lunchtime picnic! Ok we did need brollies once, but most people didnt bother as getting wet after the heat was bliss! J.



Last  night promised rain all night and all day. Well not one drops.. it is heavy and humid and rain.

Our water butts emptied weeks ago now most of this month been watering from tap and used water.

Not had rain since 19th may here.. even my long standing large perennials are now wilting and withering. Have lost 10 plants so far.

The potty gardener

We have had a little rain today, not sure that it's enough so I don't have to water this evening. It still feels very hat and muggy.


no rain yet but very muggy, i think there must be a storm nearby the tv signal is very bad

Tracey Oakley

Pouring down with rain here in Mid -Wales, saves me the job of watering this evening !

Thunder, lightning and torrential rain. Whoopee.


According to my weather station 27 mm (over an inch) in the last hour and still going strong! (Leicestershire)


Past few weeks have been hot and humid here but it's pouring it down now. The garden certainly needed it.

Picked my first yellow courgette this evening, the green one's are growing for Britian. Also picked some aubergines and I've had some red toms 


Heavy rain from tea time yesterday, very heavy at 2 & 4 am, now stopped, sun trying to come through but still some dark clouds.

Heavy rain from 6pm yesterday until at least 4am today, sunny now and a few clouds but nice and fresh, oh lovely Shropshire!


north manchester . showers and sunshine . scorcher at tatton yesterday