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Rain rain and more rain and im already fed up with it. I know the gardens need it but i keep getting wet.


rain early morning but sunny now, a bit of breeze so not too hot

Susan Giles

We've just had another heavy downpour in Essex!! Maud, my daughter has some advice for you to combat the rain...join the Scouts, apparently they are waterproof!!! 


WManchester- sun & pleasant first thing.

I got busy hard pruning 3 Weigelia bushes. Flopped around lunchtime when large spots of rain!

On/off slight showers early afternoon, but a dry, sunny evening. Have just had to rewater my pots of tumbling toms in the greenhouse. J.

The potty gardener

Rain, rain, rain on the south coast. It has stopped now so I hope tomorrow is a better day


More rain here, stopped about 8pm just enough time to water the GH and pick some veg for tomorrow's tea. It's raining again now.


Rain last. Everything was so dry and crispy we desperately needed it. Means tomorrow I won't have to dig in concrete yay! 


'B' forecast wrong again!! No rain was expected before late morning, so had decided to cut lawn before I went shopping.

No chance, it's rained steadily since about 8.30am. Brighter now, but will need another couple of dry days before I can do it. Shall wash the car instead. J.



Warwickshire (Rugby) Light rain glad I cut my Lawn Yesterday Lol Jo4eyes

Collecting seed's today and drying Peppers and Tomato seeds 


Tomorrow forcast is 28 deg hot and sunny so I shall cut hedge and start to clear front garden, Cut some tree's down I have a rockery in there some where I'm sure of it 



The potty gardener

Grey day in Sussex. Will do no more than potter. Heat foecast to return tomorrow

It's raining, it's pouring. Garden shed delivered today and put up by company. Back panel broken. They hoped we wouldn't find it till they were gone. Previous attempt to supply us with a shed had the doors in the back, against the wall. Unbelievable! No wonder things are made in China.


It's rained everyday since Saturday.  Brilliant.  Although I could do with some warm sun to help my tomatoes to ripen.

Another day of rain, the gardens looking well watered. Lawn is looking lush and new veg seedlings have hopefully rooted in with all this rain.

Planted out ??oung lettuce plants couple of days ago and I did ask for rain.  Some heavy rain recently but mostly misty and very warm.  That heat for tomorrow?  It looks like we won't get too much of it.  (mind you, our weather here on the coast is usually better than the forecast)

Highland Jeannie

Our weather here is usually better than the forecast too; unfortunately today they were spot-on!

Went to the local agricultural show - the biggest in the north (of Scotland) & it rained a bit, then it rained a lot, then it poured, then it eased up a lot; it's still spitting.

It was very well attended, all considered. Ah well, tomorrow it's the game fair - with a better forecast.........


Nice and warm in Suffolk after a good rain yesterday

Poured with rain for most of the day.