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Lovely, bright and sunny, with a bit of a sea breeze almost - which is interesting since we're a good 30-40 miles inland! 

Great for the washing, painting sheds - or here's a thought, just sitting in the garden giving it a good looking at! 


It was raining when I got up today also it rained heavy in the night but now it overcast, humid with the prospect of becoming brighter later in the day. But I can't see it myself I think it's in for the day


Beautiful. Autumnal.

Rowan trees red, sky blue, no wind, phlox wafting, peacock butterflies bobbing, swallow preparing to leave.




East Anglia: Duller than in previous days, and humid.

Been some light rain, enough to keep everything going for some of the day. Will probably need to water again tonight.

Sun trying to get through high blanket of cloud. 


north manchester .humid and cloudy sunshine . great morning in the  garden. now brunch


Quite humid and warming up now but cool enough earlier to get theAllen Scythe on the meadow and rake up as well. 


Very dark dull and wet morning in Essex - not feeling very warm either!

Abominable. Thick, grey clouds wafting wraith-like through the pine trees. Bucketing rain. Water cascading down the road off the hill. Every plant bent over like a 90 year old. Birds hunched up with water running down the backs of their necks.

And only the ironing to fill in the day.


We have cloud but no rain yet sunshine later on in the day but I think the overcast day is in for the day 


It's very dull and raining in a desultory way here in East Suffolk, badly needed mind you.  First time I've had a wet dog walk for month.  It'll cheer up the garden which is frizzled!


WManchester- sun just disappearing.... It rained last evening, just as had watered the patio pots & vegs! Rained most of the night too.

About 18C now & am going to do the ironing, J.

Over cast all morning, sun got out in the afternoon so it was nice and warm.

I'm away in September and by the time I get back alot of stuff is dying back so started to tidy up the garden and GH. Emptied some pots ready for bulb planting and if the weather's good tomorrow was going to plant up a new strawberry patch.

Four new varieties were introduced to the patch this year and I grew white strawberries for the first time. The plan is to have strawberries from May through to late July/early August.    


its very wet and windy and the tempreture has dropped to 10 outside, not very good for late summer


Been tipping it down since six and I've only just remembered to divert the rain water to the waterbutts. Wot's my name? Duh!


rain  rain waterbutts filling up. but may have to cancel the last night of the proms garden  party and be indoors


Expecting rain ,but it has been sunny and blue skies all day,temp 24 c this morning all washing dried,

Might ignore tomorrows forecast which is also for rain.

GillyL. Good for you , which area are you in ? They told us rain and they got it right , Wet,Wet ,Wet here but ............the garden needs it   ( Im in Yorkshire at the  moment ) !.

Raining here too. Hope it's dry tomorrow, I've loads to do before going on my gollies.