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Blessèd rain most of the afternoon, with occasional gaps. 

Watered this morning - that must be what did it!

Haven't checked my waterbuts either, Waterbutts, but did you know you can install a diverter in the down pipe that doesn't need checking. You've just got to get the diverter outlet from the downpipe a bit lower than the top of the waterbut and physics does the rest! (It's zee old syphonage ploy, ennit? But you probably knew all that!) 

Er, yes, Birdy. Got one of those but, er, someone put it too high up on the old downpipe. Nuff said! Save his blushes.


Waterbutts: I did exactly the same thing a month or so ago when I installed new butt for the front of the house. It started to overflow even though I followed the instructions nd measured very carefully.

Eventually worked out I had probably measured a little too closely (to maximise the volume of water collected before the diverter sent the excess down the drainpipe) and also not allowed for really heavy rainfall. 

I bit the bullet and just cut another centimetre off the lower section of the downpipe and reattached the diverter. Amazed myself how quick it was to do.

Assuming your diverter has the the same type of design, the only thing to watch for is to make sure the upper section of downpipe is still long enough to reconnect to the guttering because that is the bit that will drop a centimeter lower when you reconnect the diverter (attached to its bottom end) to the lower section of pipe that goes into the drain/ground.

Good to hear that you are still kicking , tea. 

Had to get the fleecy jacket out this morning. 5 degrees. Soon warmed up though. Sunny and windy. Lovely.  Definitely autumn now.

Walkers going up the road with plastic bags in their hands looking for brambles. Didn't have the heart to tell them Mr. Gregory from down the hill got them all last week, as usual,


It's been a moody day today in Lancashire. Put a jacket on for the first time. Dark clouds and some rain. A bit windy. Leaves starting to fall from sambucus and some turning a coppery red - beautiful indicator of seasons. No change yet to flowering cherry tree. Late planted sunflowers (reduced at B & Q) just coming out and will be drenced with rain.


It's been a wet weekend here in the NW but got loads done in the garden yesterday in between showers. 

Cleared all but two of the tom plants in the GH, they weren't going to produce much more as the temps drop, night draw in and mornings become colder.

Picked the last of the cues. Still have high hopes for the chillies and peppers, the plants have lots of fruit on but most still green.


East Anglia: Damp and dull earlier, became brighter until 4ish when the the rain started - just after I got out to cut my hedge with electric hedge trimmer - not good idea to carry on!


wall to wall blue sky and sun in Moray, Scotland  my sister in Hampshire has rain bucketing down, apparently ha ha ha ha ha !

East Anglia: blue sky earlier, Got washing out. Collected half and left half - which got soaked in a downpour which crept up on me all surreptitious like!  

Was supposed to rain today in East Mids but never arrived in our area, not a bad day, a little sun and some cloud but quite warm.


It has stopped raining at last in Essex but it looks as if it might start again at any moment. The pond is full from all the rain and the hose attached to the water butt for extra oomph to hopefully wash the duck weed over the edge!

.However, I have found a crack at the bottom of one of my other water would be the bottom wouldn't it! I'll have to tackle that when everything has dried out and that won't be today.

It is lovely here.  20 degrees plus earlier. Sunshine all day.  (all change though tomorrow!). Got lot of gardening done and ordered some more,heleniums

Nice day in the Chilterns. Yesterday's rain has made the soil just right for digging, so I spent a couple of hours at the allotment, and came back with loads of Desiree pototates,carrots; and swedes and parsnips for tomorrows roast. Also a small Primo cabbage, and a few more runner beans - if the weather is as bad as forecast, at least we have dinner lined up! 


north manchester . dull start some drizzle and a pleasant  afternoon . dug some spuds and picked more runners for the frezzer.  clear skys  now .wheres this storm

Just got in from cutting the lawn before the promised rain arrives! Having a cut of tea and then going out to strim the edges. Lovely sunny start to the day with mist down in the valley, but has clouded over now so I mustn't hang about. Hope the bad weather stays away from you all!


Been away in France for 2 wks, only rained once, it started about 11pm as we were sat on the patio one evening and was torrential all night but had stopped by the following morning.   

Judging from the paper I read on Monday you guys here in the UK haven't had it so good, looks like it's going to be a nice weekend here in the NW. It was mild in Manchester this evening.     

It was like a summers day here in the NW today. Warm and sunny.


star gaze lily

Quite a nice day here in sussex. Got quite a bit done in the garden. Bit breezy by 6


Monday morning!  It's a lovely sunny, still morning in Essex perfect for some tidying up (garden not house) and mulching.

At the moment is very clody and 12 degrees around. The tempeture dropped dramatically from 26 degrees since yesterday!

The weather is changedable and i cannot really notice how the weather will be after an hour