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Urban Wildlife

Slowly drying out after yesterday's downpour .


Very plesant at the moment (Herefordshire border) and divided up some pulmonarias in the back garden.  Bobby robin grabbibg bugs as I was working. 


drizzle since 5am  when i went to work  dark skies .  sainsburys  sold out of cakes  and  candles ( panic buying ) good job i have 4 candles in the shed


had some sunshine here for  a while and put a wash out . bit blowy now though . moved garden chairs and pots to safe havens . and proped some fence panels .  beer now and curry 


04:15 and its blowing an absolute gale here (South Yorkshire) no idea if it is the start of the massive storm but I hope you're all safe.

Not looking forward to the clean up when it gets light!


Stacey Docherty

Oooooooo baton the hatches brum..... Windy and ominous in ascot!!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Verd. We are all relying on you giving us the up to the moment, running commentary on today's weather , all through the night too......


Oh goody somebody found this thread again.

Was sun & rain on/off all day today in WManchester. Not particularly cold though. The wind has now increased again, after a lull earlier. Think, hope have battened down everything outside.

Good luck those in the direct path of the storm. J.


Not too bad at the moment. Lull before the storm? 6ish tomorrow morning for us. If I put the earplugs in tonite perhaps I'll miss some of it. I'm a wind wimp.

Highland Jeannie

Started gloriously sunny but by early afternoon was a bit windy, showery & generally not very pleasant so I came in.  Then cousin came round with trailer load of chips & finally (3 years after moving in) we can walk round the garden dry-shod, although we'd had carpet down to keep the weeds at bay.

The weather woman thinks that for once we'll miss the storm here, oh well, I'm sure we'll get a few before the winter's done!!

Good luck to all those in it's path.


calm here . but in december we are stoping at  a lighthouse on the west coast of scotland and we are praying for bad weather


archie bet we have a heat wave and clear skies in Dec'.

Highland Jeannie
archiepem wrote (see)

calm here . but in december we are stoping at  a lighthouse on the west coast of scotland and we are praying for bad weather

If you're into photography Archie, a December storm in Scotland will provide some boiling seas & stunning seascapes.

But don't forget the saying "be careful what you wish for" though!!


Jeannie  Let's hope archie has a great time and posts good pics.



No idea. Have the curtains shut, X Factor on the TV, can't hear the weather  tee hee hee!


We've had heavy rain today and it was very windy early evening.

A friend is travelling back to Aberdeen on route from Cornwall, staying this evening. The weathers been very poor down there all week, she's worried about travelling back tomorrow we've checked the forcast but it doesn't seem much better on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gusts of 37, Shap is likely to be the worst place to travel over, it can be pretty bleak even in the summer.

On a positve note, it's looking like I've extra guests for the next few days.


Cornwall to Aberdeen - ouch, that deserves a few days B&B en route.

Weather here was bad earlier.  The Cordyline Australis (get me with the fancy names) has lost its flower at last (too high for me to remove).

Not a trip I'd like to make Farmergedden. Six hours from here in the NW to Aberdeen and slightly longer from Cornwall to Lancashire.



A touch breezy today  Hope everyone stays safe