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Raining but not windy.


same here KEF rain today, tomorrow but sunny Wednesday I'm hoping 


Was sunny and breezy first thing,now torrential rain,we are on a hill.and it is running down the sides of the road in little rivers......

Battened down the hatches in the garden yesterday ready for today's storm but no high winds here in Birmingham just light rain.   Garden looking so sad now and going to sleep. 


We keep having very heavy showers in WManchester. No damage as storm way south of us, phew. Still not that cold though, J.



Gloomy and wet in Dordogne. Bit windy earlier, but not now.


Sunshine and rainbows at the moment,very windy again about an hour ago.

Seemed to have missed the storm here, up to now at least.Hardly any rain where I was today but the nearer I got to home this evening the windy it got, with rain and a heavy hail storm.

Very clam first thing so friend went back to Aberdeen and had a reasonably good journey.  


Cold breeze, dry at minute, but does keep raining. Not nice. Don't envy you the hailstones.


Not been anywhere as bad here (Norfolk) as East Anglia has had it further south (eg Suffolk and Essex). Short periods of strong wind on and off yesterday and then a bit this morning. Nothing destructive, thank goodness. A lot of rain though but that was only in the morning.

One good thing for me - the ominous forecast got me out in the blowy but at times balmy weather yesterday to rescue most of the best crop of Bramleys we've ever had. It also galvanised me to improvise an apple rack to store them:

 Not a large crop by some standards but I'm pleased that the pruning earlier this year paid off.

 Just needs a few more shelves to take the rest of the crop which thankfully survived the wind.


There's a few apple pies there Birdy


I've been using big produce boxes from  the supermarket.One layer deep, apples not touching each other.


Oh can you tell me more fb - I was agonising for weeks about this crop being wasted until I thought of using the shelves that had been under my nose so long I'd stopped seeing them.


Sorry - just realised I'm on the wrong thread for apple racks 


I just use the big flat boxes the supermarket uses for produce. I put the apples one layer deep, slightly apart from each other. I get a few odd looks when i throw three boxes in the trolley, when all I've bought is some milk and bread,but hey...

 The boxes will stack on top of each other in the garage. I've got onions in some as well.The garage is probably the coldest place I've got. The apples go off too quick in the house. My James Grieve apples will keep until about Xmas.

 Just check regularly, and throw any that show signs of rot. Any that are damaged or bruised now will not store, and I cut them up, stew , and freeze them.




Thanks fb. I will try that when I run out of shelf space. 

 for risk of causing another storm in a tea cup... Off topic....this is the weather thread where posters at the very least make a contribution about the weather and related gardening stuff , I do hope we aren't now going to start talking about cake because of the issues on other threads


Sorry Zoomer

Talk of apples over. storm over, Going to bed. Night Night all.


There is a big yellow thing in the sky. 07.43am

07.46am clouds and now raining.

Guess this is what is called mixed weather.



A bit cold and breezy here in Norfolk. Window thermometers show around 8°C.

Lots of worm casts on the lawn are evidence (I presume?) of recent rainfall bringing up the water levels. A few more spits of rain in the air suggest more to come later today.

Oh, KEF, that big yellow thing... Could you roll it our way for a bit?