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Gloom mist and drizzle. But the birds are singing!

"Sorry Rain" they do say be careful what you wish for and I wished for some rain overnight having put weed and feed on the lawns. My side of the River Tees is wet and dour although when I put the bins out it is warm so I opened the Green house to let my tomato's get a breath of fresh air.
I cannot tell what weather you are having as I cannot see more than a couple of miles over the valley. "Oh well" lets hope for a better weekend then.


Paul N

Well the umpteenth day of fine drizzle. I could have filled all the water butts - all 433 gallons - thrice over. Fortunately I did spike, seed and move the grass during one dry spell, but everything looks lush and green. I can't wait to get on with tidying the weed infested borders though.


The sort of rain that hangs in the air, doesn't really make you wet but makes hair all frizzy!
Still lots of standing water, dogs confined to towels on kitchen floor.
Greenhouse temp. has only varied between 13 and 14 C for over 24 hours now - very surprising, I wondered if the thermometer was broken.


Wet but not too cold, wish my seedlings would hurry up , can't wait to get tthem in. Sky looking a bit brighter. Going to do my weekly shop



I wish someone up there would turn the tap off now


It has been grim for most of the day here. Forecast much better for tomorrow and weekend though.

Heavy rain most of today here in the north west, water butt overflowing. Sowed beetroot, lettuce.radish and spring onions in raised bed a few weeks ago not much showing yet. Keep hoping for a bit of sunshine to get things going

In my part of the NW at work, it was fine and dry but when I rang home they were having torrential rain, what a difference a few miles makes. My spuds have recovered from the frost a few days ago and a couple of rows of swede have survived being transplanted out over the weekend under cloches. Brussell plants doing well too and peas. 

Too wet to go in the garden this evening but on checking the max/min temp in GH it had only dropped to 8 last night. 

Was in Billingham yesterday Frank/Rain, it was fairly nice at about 3pm but started raining on the way home..  .


figrat's stopped raining here!
Alina W

It's started again here....

Warm and sunny here (Marlow on Thames) at the moment - will it last?! Just off to the allotment to plant a few rows of Swedes (finally). Will then lay panes of glass along the rows to warm soil and help germination, and stop everything being washed out in a few days!

Teesside today started with heavy rain then the sun came out around twelve.
Just been in the garden which is as wet as I have ever seen it usually it all flows downhill from here.
Must say the borders are flourishing in the warm wet weather including the weeds.


Alina W

The sun's come out here now, too.

Please don't mention weeds, Frank - the garden hasn't been safe to walk on for days because of the mud, and they're getting enormous



Right,  the "Ark" is moored at the bottom of the garden anyone want a place !

Its done nothing but rain since yesterday non stop and it's still raining,  in fact it could be Wednesday last thing when it started to rain,  I have some oil seed rape growing in the garden so need to get that out before it spreads but daren't walk across the "bog" to go and get it,  it will take weeks to get the garden in some sort of order I think.


Kent has been glorious sunshine all day and it even got quite warm this afternoon, I took off one of my two fleeces

I live on the south coast and we've had a lovely day, Lots of sun but the wind is still a bit cold. Spent afternoon at allotment and got a lot done as i wasnt cold. Weekend forecast is good but rain is on its way for monday.

Came home to a nice, crisp, warm evening but it must have rained most of the day, the over flowing bird bath was a dead give away. My garden is looking like a mini oasis at present, I've alpine strawberries and a 'top hat' blueberry bush threatening to flower. Currants look like they'll be early too this year. 

Still very windy and cold Carrickfergus N. I.