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Woodgreen wonderboy

Off to cut grass , hopefully for the last time now that the drying wind has arrived.

The potty gardener

KEk are you sure that big yellow thing wasn't the chrysanthemum that Gardengirl posted a couple of days ago??

It's been raining on and off for almost two days now here. No chance of cutting the lawn.


Norfolk: Quite cold at first, then sun came out around midday - warm enough with a bit of a breeze to dry some washing - then cold again from mid afternoon, although hardier should would have found soil conditions ideal for weeding - Brrrrrrr 

Electric back on Wednesdat 2.30pm, off since Monday least 10 man days work on storm damaged trees,new 12x8 greenhouse demolished, freezer full of food thrown away.keeps you busy.


The potty gardener

Awwww poor you AWB.

It's drizzling here this morning in Sussex

It's not all bad news,of to the Carribaean tomorrow.Daughter in Hove said no problems there.


I feel this is very much a weather related posting.

AWB: so sorry to here about your greenhouse not to mention all the spoiled freezer food.

I hope your insurers play fair - some years ago when an enormous overhanging bough was broken by a regional storm. the bough ended up just touching and resting on our greenhouse Denting it slightly. Any further weather damage and the whole greenhouse would have been crushed. 

I informed the insurance company to get confirmation that they would cover the cost of  a proper tree firm surgically removing the bough to protect the greenhouse. 

The call centre (in India I think) tried to tell me there had been no storm in my area (according to their computer records) And I would not be covered for damage that had not occurred yet.

i told them they were talking rubbish and had photos to prove it and if they didn't agree to  cover the qualified removal of this storm related new risk ( a few hundred pounds) then they were going to have to pay out for a much greater property damage bill when the bough finally crushed the greenhouse. On the other hand, they did agree to cover the tree surgery, I would be willing to correct the slight damage already done without asking them to buy me a new greenhouse.

Within less than a minute the guy came back to me, having 'checked with someone else' and instantly agreed they would cover the cost. 

I seem to remember - not surprisingly - I insisted on email confirmation of this volt-face.

Some of these firms are quite ruthless - you have to play them at their own game to get what you are entited to. I Hope your own claims are trouble free.


Weather here presently, dull, cold and occasional breeze.


Dry for once and some sun. Calm so not too chilly.

AWB have a lovely hols.

Well done Birdy13.


No frost here yet.

About 8-9C first thing this morning.

A sort of dry day, bright periods with a lot of ominous dark clouds mid afternoon, but no actual rain.

Tomorrow looks awful here, rain++ & OH has just asked me to return his library books...great, waterproof trousers at the ready! J.

We had yet more rain. Hope it fairs up by the weekend was hoping to clear out the GH.

AWB - Sorry to hear about the storm damage,

Woodgreen wonderboy

13c. here in Hampshire, but with rain forecast over next few days.


Norfolk: bright, occasionally sunny, bit of a breeze

07:30 Northfacing window thermometer around 5°C

10:30 Northfacing window thermometer around 10°C; Westfacing around 12°C




It started dry here in WManchester, but by the time I was walking back from the library a brolly was needed. About 11C out there now &, although it did go a wee bit brighter, it's raining now. J.


Was 3C at 7am, still only 6C here, now drizzling.


Somerset,...........dull and overcast,but dry at the moment,rain forecast later and strong winds tonight and tommorrow.    

star gaze lily

Sussx, started off dry, but now its raining and a little breezy. But still quite warm really 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Dull, wet and a good day for paperwork indoors. Now done, and off to shop soon to stack some shelves.