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North East England ...lovely morning sunny with light breeze 11C, clouding over a little so I'm back out attempting to tidy for winter and potting for Spring.

There was alot of rain here today but it was fine driving home.I was hoping to get out into the garden at the weekend, the GH needs cleaning but it's forecast rain.

star gaze lily

Its pouring down. Stopped for awhile about 5, but not for long  

Rain, thunder and strong winds in this part of the NW.

David Attenborough was on Freeview this afternoon, coming from the 'Galapagos Islands'. Watched it whilst I was ironing, it was too wet to go out and garden. Apparently dandilion seeds have been blown onto one would not believe the size of them, they had adpated to the climate and left undisturbed grown into tree's  and I thought I had problems with a few in the lawn.





i tell what is bloody windy and rainy here

Woodgreen wonderboy

Have just walked home from the pub in the dry, and little wind !!! And I only had a half of bitter..


Blustery all day and decidedly cooler (garden thermometer's died so no temps - another something for Santa to bring me).  It was at least dry out in the garden a little while ago, but now the rain is enough to sting my face. 

It was dry for most of the day here with a few spots of rain in the afternoon. 

Dug up the rest of the dahlias and potted up some geraniums. Also planted out garlic and picked the last of the french beans which had been drying on the plants for seed collection. I keep putting off cleaning the GH... on my to do list for next week...  


Zoomer said:

the french beans which had been drying on the plants for seed collection. I keep putting off cleaning the GH... 

You could be writing my own post for me, Zoomer.

It really feels quite cold here (Norfolk), a bit of wind chill: 6 degrees with a gentle breeze, few clouds quite high in a bright blue sky.

When I think of the greenhouse my mind immediately considers something else - like a nice cup of coffee! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

11c. here, but sunny and feels much warmer. Will plant out some pots later.

NE, very bright, light winds but cold about 6C. I've been cleaning soil from dahlia tubers and felt really chilled in both senses! I too need to tidy the paved floor of my little greenhouse hardly room to shuffle about.  Funny thing with the dahlias or at least some of them, I can see the tiny eyes of next years shoots already, hope they don't shrivel over the winter. What a strange year it's been.

17 degrees late morning.  Sunny and feeling very warm.  Clouding over but still nice


sharp frost in north manchster, enjoyed the walk to work at 5-15 am .winters here  


Thing is Birdy, the shed needs cleaning first to fit stuff in from the GH

We had our first frost this morning, had to scape the car windscreen, there's frost in the air this evening too.


Zoomer said: Thing is Birdy, the shed needs cleaning first to fit stuff in from the GH

Precisely, Zoomer! You've done it again - described my situation exactly: there's always the shed - too small to keep everything tidy when in use during the summer;

Then the greenhouse - pristine and organised in early spring gradually becoming more and more disorganised during summer as it took delivery of all sorts - unidentified plants, bulbs dislodged when weeding, gardening gloves and implements laid down anywhere at ends of tiring days etc

Not to mention the tiny full-to-the-gunnels garage capacity remaining after being converted into an 'office'...  

The 'office' which I have meant to tidy for something like 8years (8years!) and had to further disorganise to house the recently improvised apple rack since our wonderful summer weather produced a great crop of fruit... 

And ... back to the shed: if the weather dries up again in the next few days I'll have to pull the lawnmower out of the chaos of the shed again for the final (hopefully) cut of the year...

... Not that I'm complaining, of course!  Just thought I'd like to show solidarity with all those other lovely gardening people out there who through lack of experience might feel as guilty as me that they can never quite provide - what shall we call it? - the 'full Monty'? - in horticultural organisation and certainty of purpose! 

Oh! I meant to say - and it's felt freezing again in Norfolk today around 6°C most of the day and then dropping, dropping, dropping... brrrrrrr!

Highland Jeannie

Quite a frost last night; don't know what the temps went down to, as the min part of the max/min thermo. is not working (Santa, please) Some of the fuchsia flowers got frosted & the flowers & leaves on an auricula don't look too happy, (surely it shouldn't be flowering yet? 


We've still not had a frost here yet- WManchester.

I was in NEDerbyshire yesterday morning & 'b' cold walking into town first thing. Gloriously sunny drive back over the tops.

Today, what a difference. The rain woke me in the night & has been wet most of the day. Ok there was a wee dry spell & I shot out to do some more cutting back, before the next downpour. It's still raining..... J.


Cold and now drizzling, not good for people who are having a bonfire, or fireworks.