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We've still not had a frost here yet- WManchester.

I was in NEDerbyshire yesterday morning & 'b' cold walking into town first thing. Gloriously sunny drive back over the tops.

Today, what a difference. The rain woke me in the night & has been wet most of the day. Ok there was a wee dry spell & I shot out to do some more cutting back, before the next downpour. It's still raining..... J.


Cold and now drizzling, not good for people who are having a bonfire, or fireworks.

It was raining this morning in this part of the NW which seemed to make it feel warmer than yesterday and no frost this morning.

We're planning to go to the Christmas Market in Manchester at the end of the month, hope it's a nice weekend.   


Pouring with rain,and chilly.

No,I,ll rephrase that. cold........... brrrrrrrrrrr


WManchester- had our first real frost this morning. Was -1.3C early this morning.  All my pale fuschia flowers now tinged with brown. The heaps of hail stones from yesterday are still there in the shadey parts of the garden.

It's been sunny all day today, but still rather nippy unless in the sun, or greenhouse, J.


Lovely up to noon but damp now.  Not cold tho.



north manchester. fog and frost am . sunny day . 

Highland Jeannie

Had frosts several nights lately - my fuchsias don't look too happy now either!

Had to scrape the car at about 1 o'clock this am & it was +2c.  Lovely working outside today (if somewhat tired) but when I came in around 4.30 the thermometer was reading -2c & areas that were damp had a thin layer of ice on them, lovely clear moon too.

Woodgreen wonderboy

No frosts yet but dahlias have lost the will to flower so they are ready to be put to bed. This year they will be left in  with lots of mulch and much crossing of fingers and toes.


Today is WET & miserable. About 12C out there.

At least the tree surgeon has done the tops of my leyland hedge & next drs' too, J.

Woodgreen wonderboy

It's a making soup kind of day, and I shall not be venturing outside. I don't know what "Hampshire" for "dreek" is but I know what it feels like.

p.s. The soup is Kidney Bean, Pumpkin and Tomato, except that the Pumpkin seems to look like a Butternut Squash.

gardenning granny

Did the soup yesterday - very warming.  Christmas cake tomorrow too.

Did brave the windy wet to lift my begonias which still had big blousy flowers on.  Seemed a shame to cut them down but wanted to get them dried out and stored with the hope of a good show next year.  Haven't done begonias before but picked these up at 50p for three (got six) - hat a bargain - theyve been magnificent all summer.


Totally different day here. Sun most of the time & a good breeze. About 11C at the mo.

Expecting a rather chilly night though. J.

It's 29.0 C here,St Marrten now home Saturday, back to reality, frosts and wind, and a diet.


Lovely day,sunshine and puffy clouds,probably a frost tonight though.


Beautiful sunset tonight, with crystal clear sky.  Frost a certainty I think.


S. Yorks. Red sky and heavy frost on lawns.

very frosty last night. but clear and dry this morning so I may try out my new gardening wellies later

gardenning granny

and it's gloriously sunny in the corner of Bedfordshire today - just put the washing out and am going to enjoy an hour or two of getting the bulbs into the ground or into pots.  Hope it continues tomorrow as I am out walking...


Sharp frost overnight here in Norfolk - brilliant sunshine now.  Washing going out in a minute