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star gaze lily

Got in about half hour ago, very very cold tonight, no wind. Have been lucky so far no frosts but wouldn't be surprised if there is some in the morning.  No rain today, but garden very wet.


It was still raining first thing but is going brighter as I type!

Wind strong, so will be colder than it says, 7C at the mo. Shall be well togged up in waterproof trousers etc before I get outside. J.


I was woken up by an almightly rain storm trying to break down the windows early this morning. Oh please can't we have a few days dry weather so we can cut the lawn one more time?! Its getting so long now it doesn't seem to realise its meant to be slowing down!


It was wet overnight but bright sunshine now here in Norfolk.  Yes Clarington a few days dry weather would be good; our lawns really need mowing too.


It was only just over 1C out there first thing this morning & yet no actual frost....

A bright, dry if cold day although it was trying to drizzle as I drove home about 5pm. About 7C out there now, 7.40pm. J.



Norfolk: About 5-8° today but didnt feel too cold; midday, very pleasant for the time of year for a nice walk; afternoon good for clearing out the greenhouse (at last!) but temperature dropped dramatically as sun went down. Dark by 5 o'clock so back in for tea and a warm up.

Today was a dry but cold, didn't get above 12C in the GH so it must have been a tab bit colder outdoors, a good day to be out in the garden here in the NW.

Finished planting bulbs and took down the plastic GH. Also bubble wrapped my terracotta pots and brought them nearer the house, it's forecast a real drop in temps on Thursday so I'm not taking any chances. Bought quite a few new pots this year and it would be a shame if they cracked first winter out.

Emptied the last of the spud bags, didn't quite make it to December with them but I'm happy with a crop in November Haven't bought a spud since June, back to supermarket one's in December .   

Dropped down cold here tonight too. The day has been a misty miserable one. Spent a few hours ripping out bedding plants for the compost bin. 

I had a dekivery from JParkers yesterday. Buddleja Sungold and euonymus red cascade both in small pots. Does anybody know if they will be ok to plant out with the cold weather forecasted? Also had an astrantia collection but they are just roots in a plastic bag so think I will start them off in pots in GH.


We are having some lovely weather. Especially considering how wet it was last year! Glorious sunshine, temps are dropping slightly below freezing at night but not by much, the days are tipping along at around 5-10 degrees. 


It was wet again today until quite late on- WManchester.

OH drove over the tops into NEDerbyshire this morning & said it was dry for him.

Tonight due to be a cold one again. It's about 7C out there at the mo, J.


This morning 8C at 7.30am. Been mild all day but drizzle & damp. 5pm temps suddenly fell and only 2C at 6pm. Feels very wintery. S.Yorks.

Well our forecast is to get some snow this week it has to come sometime must say i like to see a little flutter of snow at christmas time. When you see the weather some other countries get we are very lucky in this country so if some snow means stay in if really bad and let it pass over.  

Cold damp and dark, drizzly all day here in East Anglia.


Frosty start here, about -2C first thing. Sun all day.

Pavements not good with all the fallen leaves plus icy patches, so swopped to the sunnier side this morning when walking up for bus.

Wonderful sight of all the autumn colours of the trees against a bright blue sky. About 4-5C & dropping out there now! J.


Beautiful sunny day,blue skies,very cold,no frost this morning but iwth the clear skies am expecting frost tonight.


Highland Jeannie

Woke up to over 2" of snow this morning, was rather cold but lovely in the sun. (I wore my wooly Christmas pudding design hat to the shops). It's been slowly melting all day & is now almost all gone but pouring down with rain.


I had noticed the temperatures rising last night instead of being below freezing earlier in the evening.

First thing today it was wet & wild out there.

Now it's still wild outside, but the sun has arrived. About 5-6C at the mo, J.

star gaze lily

Its very very cold here in Sussex and absolutely pouring down, thundering heavily on the conservatory roof. With quite large hailstones  You can hear them bouncing off the roof, windows etc. The rain is so hard its 'washing'  the leaves off the oak tree, which in themselves looks like its 'raining' leaves. 

Brrrrr very today.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hail storm at lunchtime … I think someone is trying to tell us it's time to hibernate!