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Variable here. Did some shredding of very wet willow to earn our mulled wine and mince pies. Sun out, then in, then out. Lovely now.

Highland Jeannie

About 5c today & sun shining all day; had a lovely walk but had to keep to a hard surface - the grassy areas are somewhat "soft"

Hi Newboy- I live in Weybridge, Yes RHS gardens is 10mins drive so we are very lucky. Painshill if you know it is resembles a lake! Its got worse-our road has flooded we are taking in turns to pump the water back into river Wey where it belongs. Managed to get this pumping device with massive suction things to suck up the water. Fortunately water only got into 2 houses on my road but the main rd hses have swimming pools instead of lawns.

The teenager-ah well he does best what all teenagers do which is NOTHING!



My rellies live in weybridge at the otherside of the village cricket green

star gaze lily

Its pouring down here and its getting very windy again  



Stay safe ,star gaze Lily. Rotten weather you lot down south are having.


After all the trouble people are having in other parts I'll not complain, will just say 6C howling wind and chucking it down.

I'm dreaming of a ....   Oh no I'm not.


Quick peek out of window makes me get back in bed and snuggle under the duvet.

star gaze lily

Rather grey and cold, but stopped raining.  Still a bit breezy. 


Grey, windy and raining in Essex this morning such a contrast to yesterday...

NewBoy2- I know that place well, we're near the Brooklands museum. Weather behaving at the moment-grey and spitting  down, a bit windy. Lovely chaps from EA sorting out the drains etc, poor things who'd want their job?


The top Oak tree looks like a womping willow.  very windy here.


Had some sun but it's certainly windy. Supposed to ease this afternoon but it's got worse.

Highland Jeannie

Hi Weyplotter, we have friends who live very near Brooklands, they sent us a video of the (very murky!) river at the end of their road, it had been across the road, but fortunately their bit was fine.  Their problem on Christmas day was getting home from his mother's, as so many roads were closed, they took a huge detour.

Yesterday & today so far have been very calm; the storm's due here soon  & I'm going out tonight.

No expert

Storm started here in Tipperary at 4pm yesterday and caused mayhem last night and this morning. Worst storm in these parts for 15 years. Couldn't get to work this morning as tree down on lane. OH and I cutting our way out at 8.30am, very romantic isn't it. Hope allare ok storm has passed since 4pm today.



What a small world Highland Jennie- your friends could very well be my neighbours! I see you used to live in Teddington-lovely area, now Highlands what a contrast!

Weather wise all settled today although I've not ventured out myself after all the excitement of yesterday.

Oh dear 'No expert' looks like it was a fun day for you today. You've just reminded me of the storm in the eighties and me trying to get to work, trees branches everywhere such devastation.


Back to calm sunniness in Essex today.

Wet and windy this morning in Scotland

The wind on Friday caused havoc to trains running to Scotland, mine was 3hrs late getting into Aberdeen, would have been 4 1/2 hrs late if I'd gone onto my final destination by train. 

We were packed like sardines on the train from Carlisle. There looked to be hundreds of people on the platform waiting for the next train to Scotland. When one did arrive, on the train door it said it was going to Euston, the electronic display on the platform said it was going to Glasgow and the guard said Edinburgh.  

Fortunately both Scottish distinations would have got me to were I was going and if the train had gone back south I'd decided to throw in the towel and go home.   

I must look nearly 27 because a little boy gave up his seat but on this occassion I wasn't going to argue and was quite happy to entertain a 3yr old for the remainder of the trip.       

On a positive note had a fab time in Scotland, shame I couldn't stay for hogmany but back to work on 2nd, you guys in Scotland get an extra day off.  


Wet, miserable and 7C here. However I am not going out on New Years Eve teatime looking like a rambler.

Glad you got to Scotland Zoomer. Maybe hogmany next year?