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I'm thinking possibly Tenerife next year KEF  rained most of the day here in this part of the NW and last year it was in the 30's over there

Happy gardening.

Lovely afternoon here, the sun came out to play and the sky was blue.

Beautiful here all day. Womderful 



Bright sunshine and warm enough in the sunshine to bring a Queen Wasp out 


Today has been such a tonic for us all but it could turn nasty again.  I have two sisters and a brother who live in Australia and they have been having an unbearably hot summer which is just beginning to cool down a bit. 


It's been gloriously sunny and dry here for most of the day - a pleasant breeze pushing the white fluffies along - the soil's drying out and the farmers were back working on the higher land 

Cloudy but dry here. Can't wait for the weekend, I'm on holiday for a week and a friends helping with the allotment. Had planned to go to Harlow Carr Gardens one day and stay over in Harrogate but will have to see what the weather brings.  

Nice day here in the NW until about 4pm and then the heavens opened. Harlow Carr is looking like a day trip, if I manage to get there at all this week, I'm not complaining, had a good day on the allotment with loads done and met one of the other newbie's. 


7C had heavy rain overnight. Currently dry and sunny, but more rain expected this afternoon.


when i went to bed last night i planned to clean the bathroom this morning as the forcast was for more rain but when i woke the sun was shining  so i have sown lots of seeds some i have no idea what they are, i really should lable the envelopes i put them in   they will grow or not as the case may be but its raining now so i will clean the bathroom

Its windy here with showers but pretty mild.


Blue skies and sunshine here in Norfolk 2.2C overnight in the back garden.  It got up to 13.9C yesterday!!!