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when i went to bed last night i planned to clean the bathroom this morning as the forcast was for more rain but when i woke the sun was shining  so i have sown lots of seeds some i have no idea what they are, i really should lable the envelopes i put them in   they will grow or not as the case may be but its raining now so i will clean the bathroom

Its windy here with showers but pretty mild.


Blue skies and sunshine here in Norfolk 2.2C overnight in the back garden.  It got up to 13.9C yesterday!!!

Lovely here.  Feels like spring, looks like spring and by golly it is spring 



Bright & sunny here 7C with moderate breeze. Great weather to continue drying the ground.

David K

More sunshine again here in the Midlands.....soon be needing rain the settle the dust!

I'll get me coat! 


7C again, but chucking it down


David K

Bright sunshine & 7c after a rather wet night here......not a bad day in prospect.

Ever the eternal optimist!


very cold wind but the sun is shining at the moment but rain later i think, hope the washings dry before then


It s a grey day in North Cornwall. Lots of heavy rain. After a sunny one yesterday it

looks as if we are in for a bad spell again. I am so pleased i have a greenhouse to potter in.

David K

Hi from a dull & cold Midlands, frost & snow forecast.....may just go back to bed!


cold but dry and sunny in Lakeland 

David K

Beautiful spring-like day (as most of the country I suspect) here in the Midlands.....temps of abound 17c and not a cloud in the sky.

Hope it brings some respite to those poor people who have been flooded further south.


Ashleigh 2

Gorgeous, T-shirt weather in March


warm and sunny in north manchester

20 degrees ....beautiful all day.  People eating ice creams, strolling in t shirts and sun red faces.  

David K

I had my first ice cream of the year too, Verdun.

Local beauty spots were bulging at the seams........get back to work you idle  riff raff!

Well David....did you have real,Cornish ice cream topped,with Cornish clotted cream? And a double scooper?