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Lovely here.  Feels like spring, looks like spring and by golly it is spring 


Bright & sunny here 7C with moderate breeze. Great weather to continue drying the ground.


7C again, but chucking it down



very cold wind but the sun is shining at the moment but rain later i think, hope the washings dry before then



It s a grey day in North Cornwall. Lots of heavy rain. After a sunny one yesterday it

looks as if we are in for a bad spell again. I am so pleased i have a greenhouse to potter in.


cold but dry and sunny in Lakeland 

Ashleigh 2

Gorgeous, T-shirt weather in March


warm and sunny in north manchester

20 degrees ....beautiful all day.  People eating ice creams, strolling in t shirts and sun red faces.  

Well David....did you have real,Cornish ice cream topped,with Cornish clotted cream? And a double scooper?  


18C in the shade in our back garden today 

But no icecream 


Norfolk: The day started (around 7am) with a temperature of about 10° in the shade. Very promising. And it got so much better!

The last few sunny days have been so good for morale - I've cut lawns, washed and dried 100+ of last years pots that have been soaking for months (yuk!) in a huge flexy bucket. They are so clean now you could eat out of them  (I won't but you could!)

Today has certainly been the best day of the year so far - beautifully warm and sunny. Loads of plants coming through now and with colour at last to lift the spirits I got such a lot done: cutting back, pruning, tidying and sweeping - I feel so virtuous  don't know myself!