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David K
Verdun wrote (see)

Well David....did you have real,Cornish ice cream topped,with Cornish clotted cream? And a double scooper?  

Nah....the pilgrims haven't arrived here yet! 

Wasn't too bad actually, being locally made.


18C in the shade in our back garden today 

But no icecream 

David K
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

18C in the shade in our back garden today 

But no icecream 

Bet there was cake!


Norfolk: The day started (around 7am) with a temperature of about 10° in the shade. Very promising. And it got so much better!

The last few sunny days have been so good for morale - I've cut lawns, washed and dried 100+ of last years pots that have been soaking for months (yuk!) in a huge flexy bucket. They are so clean now you could eat out of them  (I won't but you could!)

Today has certainly been the best day of the year so far - beautifully warm and sunny. Loads of plants coming through now and with colour at last to lift the spirits I got such a lot done: cutting back, pruning, tidying and sweeping - I feel so virtuous  don't know myself! 

David K

Still bright sunny days & cold nights here in the Midlands.

Marvellous what a few consecutive days of dry weather can do....a few weeks ago Cheltenham race course was flooded. Now (according to today's news) course officials say it it's in better condition than fact, they may have to water it.



We are having a sunny bright spell in north Cornwall. The warm weather has given the purple sprouting a boost.Will have a picking at the weekend it time for a Sunday roast.Yummy home grown veggies..

Spring flowers are looking very colourful.I even have a dwarf tulip in flower.

David K

Intermittent sun & cloud in the Midlands this morning and (dare I say it) needed rain forecast for this afternoon.

It was a nice morning but as friend arrived just after 12 to help finish a fence we had been building the heavens opened and it hasn't stopped raining since. Should have checked the forcast.

The day wasn't wasted though, I've been maknig raised beds for the allotment out of pallets and so went to recci more. I've found a couple of places now were I can get an endless supply

No expert

Weather is miserable here. More rain to-day and cold as well. Covering cold frame and cloche from frost tonight.

Zoomer44 pallets are such a great source of free wood, Helps to keep dowh the costs. Anything left over goes in the solid fuel cooker.

David Matthews2

Suny most of daytime here in SW Wales - had to run into garage when hail shower came through 1530. Plenty of fresh compost, so got o with 'Premiere' early potato planting in big black buckets by gr/houses.

Windy but dry here in the NW.

Spent the day on the allotment. You aren't kidding about cost No expert, I needed to buy a bag of nails, so for £2.99 I'm hoping to make raised beds for the entire plot. I already had a tub of wood preserve,with enough black plastic to line the beds and paths.


Miserable, wet and windy this afternoon in north Notts after a dry start and really cold, too. Maybe we're going back to winter. 

We had a frost overnight but today was bright and sunny.

David K

-3c overnight, reminder to those tempted to get carried away with sowing the seed of frost tender plants, I suppose.


Green Fingered Mikey
Nice day today tbh sunny spells with a cool breeze here in Lancashire although at 8:00 am this morning there was still quite a frost on the ground.

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