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Shrinking Violet

It's been lovely here - bright sunshine but with a stiff, cool breeze, which helped to get the washing dry and also to dry out the ground (a bit!).  Supposed to be like this all weekend - hooray, some real sun at last.

The weeds have threatened to take over the garden - they have grown unbelievably large.  At least I know what I'll be doing this weekend.

Alina weeds are some peoples flowers
How else would we while away the hours
With hoe in hand and fork for thick roots
As to a myriad weeds we give the boot
Once more to get it all back in order
Sit back and enjoy our flower border.

Had an e-mail tonight from the Mail poetry competition accepting a poem for the Queens Jubilee, I read it back and thought it rubbish but then we are our own worst critics. One never knows.


Alina W

Good luck, Frank - a budding poet laureate?


Sunny start here in East Dorset. Mr Thrush singing his heart out - I'm so glad because they disappeared from my garden for many years.

Teesside has sunshine, some puff ball clouds one or two with black bottoms (they should name a dance after them).
Zoomer we sometimes send some spare sunshine to Billingham and now and then a little over the water to "Rain" living in a blessed area we can share some of it now and then.
Bushes getting a short back and sides after checking for nests, Tom's going into final positions and herbs being potted on with some new sowings.
Just finishing my cuppa and then back out.



Alina W

Bright sunshine here today - can hardly cope!

Grass to be cut, fuchsias to be potted on, sweet peas tied back up, weeds to winkle out - busy day ahead!

It's been a nice drying day here, no rain. The grass got a cut and I dared to plant out some dahlias and dwarf sunflowers, then checked the weather forcast, there maybe frost midweek

If you've started planting out toms Frank, I'm a tad bit further South than you so will plant some in the GH tomorrow, if I don't they'll need staking in their pots. 


Dry day in Kent. Not especially warm unless the sun was actually shining which wasn't often since there was an awful lot of cloud, fluffy and not so fluffy.  and a cold Northerly wind.

Shrinking Violet

I ache all over - result of hard graft in the garden.  Those **** weeds!  It's the goosegrass that's the worst - I come up with painful red weals if my skin has contact with the leaves and getting them out with such fragile roots and such long leaves that cling to everything is a real pain.

But it's been a lovely day - wall to wall sunshine and even the cool breeze was fresh rather than chilling.  And more tomorrow!

Teesside is sunny, well my half is I can see Eston Nab clearly but it does look a bit grey. The bedding is in the washer and I hope will go on the line, the Turkey breast ready to go in and will be served with roasties new potato's and veg, form an orderly queue.
Zoomer all my tomato's are greenhouse as that cold easterly wind from the North Sea can knock anything down in minutes. I have a nook with a seat behind the greenhouse where sitting and contemplating ones naval is both sheltered and a suntrap so a couple of sweet cherry tomato's go there in pots.
My Bluebells have flowered and they have crept along the bed again after thinning them out last year. The Bush Fuchsias are zooming up and nearly as tall as me, a haircut for them then.


Alina W

Sunny intervals here, but breezy - looks like the grass will finally get a cut

Fuchsias are out, but some baskets still to be planted up...


Mostly sunny and dry n Kent. Reasonably warm, lovely day to get things done.


The day has been sunny with some cloud, but very windy, here in Sheffield. Nearly blown off my feet on the top of Concord Park walking the dog. Not realy seed sowing wheather outside that is.


Sunny but rather windy here in Manchester today.Washing drying well.

We didnt get the cold night last night, that was forecast, after all. Still have fleece handy for the coldframes if nec.

My toms are still inside on various sills. Never risk them in my unheated greenhouse until late May, unless they just get too big for inside. That reminds me I need an organic growbag for the compost......tumblers in pots on the staging & ring culture for the others in the bed. J.

Gale force winds here with dark clouds for most of the day. I bit the bullet and planted 5 tom plants in the GH bed with 3 more in large pots, I've plenty in reserve so if we get a frost it won't be the end of the world.

French/runner beans are coming up too, some with their roots first! They don't seem to mind being turned round though must remember to plant them deeper next time.



What a beautiful day it has been in Essex and I am shattered! Cut the grass and did all the edges - boy am I going to suffer over the next few days but I have been itching for the rain to stop and to get out and get on with things.

Better sunshine today than we've had for ages    -    managed to cut some of the grass but only did about half before I had to stop, as the mower started making an odd noise - think it's developed an oil leak.  Oh well.  Luckily I'd left the mossy areas of the lawn til last, and of course it hasn't been done now.............  

Farmer's contractors have just finished cutting the field at the back for sileage - two ginormous tractors each cutting three swathes at once, at great speed.  Never seen them like that before.  However, no sooner had they finished - and it only seemed to take about 20 mins to do approx 5 acres - the sky turned black-ish and it's started to thunder - some raindrops too.  Typical.

Just what is it about cutting grass that makes the rain start? 


Miserable, cold, windy and wetin Kent today. I have no more to say...its just too sad.

Wet this morning in South Bucks, but lovely sunny late afternoon and evening. Allotment soil is lovely and workable - being on the first gently sloping hillside in the Chilterns drainage is superb. Planted Celery and Celeriac - tomorrow pots of Pencilpod Black Wax French beans to go out - weather still permitting!

The wind has died down, I fully expected to have panels missing this morning. The toms survived their first night in the GH but there's a definate chill in the air this evening so watch this space, who said gardening wasn't stressful.