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Hello HCF "just what is it about cutting grass that makes it start to rain"
I do not have the answer but "Cicero" would have had a quote for it, he had for most everything else.
Teesside sunny my side of the Styx do not know what was going on "Rains" side as you could only see a couple of miles, it was misty her side. Very cold on the eastern side of the house warm round the back so had the greenhouse open and got the clothes dry.
Our fields are full of Rape, they get that over and then get another crop in, some of those fields were flooded last week though it has not knocked the growth back.
Hay making in my time was a great time, cutting spreading turning then raking it up to load on the cart then stack, all labour intensive now it is a couple of machines and a grass drier. The Blackthorn is finished flowering but we have May flower and Elderberry along the many hedgerows, the canopy in the woods is now thickening with the wild garlic and Celandine in flower, blue bells are also in flower, it will all vanish as the trees get into full leaf.
I guess spring has sprung at last up here.


Shrinking Violet

Sunny and breezy here;  quite chilly but a lovely "drying" day, which we sorely need after the deluge.

I took a day off yesterday from the garden, having done so much at the weekend.  But this is a sort of "doing" day, so hope to clear a few more weeds and continue sorting out the plants that are being hardened off.  I'm not brave enough to put them out yet, even though it's unlikely that we'll have a frost as such, but the wind is too cold for my tender things.

And, Frank, perhaps Cicero's "Quod di omen avertant" (May the gods avert the omen) fits the bill?

Hi Frank - it's rained more or less non-stop since they cut for sileage!  Don't know whether they'll bale it or not - I exect they will as the farmer who rents the field from me has now given up milking & won't need the winter keep for the dairy cows.  Hasn't sown any forage maize this year either.  Couldn't compete any more with the "major players" in the dairy industry ref milk prices, so is raising heifers and selling them on close to calving. Much of the land is now given over to potatoes - apparently destined already for frozen chips & someone-or-other's "crisps" factory.  I was astonished to see 10 tractors working at once in one of the fields the other day. Its about 40 acres I guess - & had been ploughed a couple of weeks ago.  I reckon it would have gone from deep ploughed to potato planting completed in a less than a day.  Phew!


Still grey, still chilly, still windy and still showery.

Ditto. Can't believe how cold it is. Feels like the beginning of March

Alina W

Sunny spells but very chilly out of the sun in North Yorks. My seedlings have no urge to go out at all



Do not be fooled by sunshine in Kent today, its cold, its miserable and every time I venture forth, it flipping pours down.

Sunny but gusty and chilly northerly wind.

Posh verdenken Zeus, we seem to have upset him in some way.
Teesside is sunny, rainy, sun with rain, rain with sun and very cold with it, my greenhouse is closed apart from some vents open for air circulation.
I see no point in trying to crowd more stuff in the GH and will wait for more clement weather, I will have a later show than usual no bad thing.



We've had it all bar snow today! Hail earlier as well as lots of heavy showers & then brilliant sunshine.

I have actually had to water the troughs of fuschias & gauras that are tucked in by a wall- obviously in a rain shadow!

Have just nipped out again, before the next downpour, to close up greenhouse & coldframes, adding fleece to the big pots of dahlias in the one as cant actually close the lid!

Yes I think am about a week behind this year- combination of me, not being up to doing things, & the awful weather. J.

We had rain again but the sky is clear blue now. With the night chill closing in I've just got in from the garden after covering stuff over. I've some mouli doing really well along with peas, swede and beetroot. 


Bright and cheerful looking today in the East Midlands, as long as you don't go outside! When you do it is cold, with a nasty lazy breeze that goes straight through you instead of around.  In spite of the cold it is surprising to me  ( an abject hater of all things cold) how many flowers are out, and how well veggies are growing.  Some of them however I am too cowardly to put out - I tell myself it is for their protection, but I know the reality is that I will not spend so much time in the cold if I can help it!

Shrinking Violet

Sunny here in Somerset - but with that persistent chilly breeze!  At least I'm able to get out and about without getting wet. 

Alina W

Sunny but with a chill northerly breeze here in N. Yorks.

Just looked at the forecast - it's supposed to rain at the weekend.



Sunny and very little wind here in .E Dorset. It's been sent especially for my birthday ;- )


We have sunny spells, cold wind and rain forcast for today in West Sussex. To say im fed up with it is an understatement. Im going to shelsea flower show next weds so i dont want any rain that day.

FloBear, Many happy Returns of the Day "err" how many candles then?
Teesside sunny with puff ball clouds in a blue sky but as you all say cold.
I am amazed at how well everything is doing, this weather must be more suitable than constant sun?


Alina W

I think it's the rain that's making all the difference, Frank.

Think of Ireland - lush, green - and always raining


Who put the washing out only to get to shops in rain!!

Lots of dark clouds around, washing now flapping well, but not particularly warm even when in the sun.

Went down to about 3C last night here in my bit of Manchester. J.


Thankyou Frank. Lets put it this way - I fully expect a bus to pass by laden with goodies ;- )

The sun's gone behind lots of clouds now and the wind's got up but it's not cold like yesterday.